Amazon mining data on customers’ purchasing

Amazon mining data on customers’ purchasing

Amazon today launched a new program that aims to gather information about consumers’ purchasing activity beyond its ecosystem. The Amazon Shopper Panel will provide monetary incentives to consumers in exchange for that data; and for answering short surveys.

Under the new program, participants can earn more than $10 per month if they share receipts for purchases made outside of Amazon’s marketplace. These pieces of data will be collected anonymously; before Amazon uses the information to improve advertising measurement and relevance. Consumers can pick any of the following options: submit receipts; complete surveys; or do both. The goal is to help advertisers evaluate “how their ads support their sales at other retailers;” and also improve their products through panel surveys.

The opt-in program is invitational, and participants must upload 10 eligible receipts per month; using the Amazon Shopper Panel app, available to download via the App Store and Play Store. Alternatively, consumers can send email receipts to [email protected] The company will give rewards to participants for every survey they complete each month; credited to their Amazon Balance.

For now, the program is open only to select customers in the U.S. Those who are interested; but did not receive an invitation can join the waitlist in order to receive an email notification in the future. Of course, participants can opt out at any time.

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