Amir Khan considers retirement after defeat

Amir Khan considers retirement after defeat

Amir Khan fell to a shocking defeat to Kell Brooks in a sixth round boxing bout , ending a 17 years rivalry between the duo at the Manchester Arena.

Sheffield born fighter, Kell Brook, destroyed Amir Khan in a sensational display to beat his fierce rival via sixth-round stoppage; and finally settle their bitter feud in a grudge match that lived up to all the hype.

Kell Brook, 35, delivered on his word as he stopped his bitter rival Amir Khan at the Manchester Arena.

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A helpless Khan was hurt on multiple occasions right from the opening round and looked largely unsteady throughout the bout.

Kell Brook did not just settle the most toxic feud in British boxing in modern times but did it by inflicting a beating so severe that only Amir Khan’s extraordinary courage spared him total humiliation.

How Khan stayed on his feet through five rounds and 51 seconds of hellfire and damnation it is doubtful if even he can tell us.

Brook chased him down like an attack dog, mauled him and savaged him beyond belief.

It was an astonishing, stupendous performance from one 35-year-old against another who was unable to roll back the years like this; After all the jibes about this fight coming five to ten years too late, it was worth the wait.

Brook looked as if he could return to the world championship lists with this Raging Bull performance. Khan played his heroic part with phenomenal courage. But his fabled speed of foot as well as hand could not keep him out of the brutal line of fire and this fine career is surely at an end.

When this fight finally came, it was just in time to enter the pantheon of epic Battles of Britain. And by winning it so spectacularly Brook won over the doubters to enshrine himself in the UK Hall of Fame.

Each had said he would be unable to live with himself if he lost. Both can hold their heads high for very different reasons,

After all the ugly acrimony, it was good to see them embrace each other at the end. To witness Khan applaud his conqueror and Brook offer the hand of sympathy.

The referee finally waved off the bout in the sixth round with Khan taking punishment without reply.

The fierce rivals embraced in the middle of the ring after an all-out but one-sided war, with Brook declared the winner of the Epic long awaited bout.



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