Angela Nwosu, self-acclaimed Ogbanje dubs husband ‘God’ for marrying her

Angela Nwosu, self-acclaimed Ogbanje dubs husband ‘God’ for marrying her

Angela Nwosu who is a self-acclaimed Ogbanje has taken to social media to laud her husband who had the effrontery to get married to her.


She dubbed her husband, Soundmind Nnaemeka a God.


Equally important, an ọgbanje is a term in Odinani (Igbo: ọ̀dị̀nànị̀) for what was believed to be an evil spirit that would deliberately plague a family with misfortune. Its literal translation in the Igbo language is “children who come and go.”


According to the controversial media personality, he changed her life and also gave it a meaning.


Angela took to Instagram to celebrate her moviemaker husband.



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She wrote:

“My husband made me.

My husband transformed my life.”


Angela Nwosu continued;

My husband saved me.

My husband gave my life meaning.

Indeed, my husband did me a huge favor by marrying me.

The universe knew I would be nothing without Nnaemeka Soundmind Austin My life would’ve been entirely useless, by now. I am the girl that proudly married a God.

I was told not to use capital G to describe my God of a husband, but then, nobody knows why I call him God, so nobody has the right to tell me to stop. We all have our Gods, in different forms, I have mine, you have yours.”



He continued;

“I keep thanking the universe and all the positive forces of nature that be, for blessing me with a God on earth.

The God that I can not live without.

The God that I would gladly give my life for, with a huge smile on my face.

I love you so much, Sound m. May the universe continue to protect what we have and keep you safe for me. It will forever be well with you, odogwu m ❤️ @soundmind_official

Iphone camera + background = beauty smack down 😁”


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