APGA urges Abia residents to resist bad governance

APGA urges Abia residents to resist bad governance

The Abia chapter of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) has stated that the general underdevelopment of the state will continue until the elite resolve to speak against misgovernance.

The state Chairman of the party, Rev. Augustine Ehiemere, said this on Thursday, November 11, in Umuahia, while briefing newsmen on the “poor state of affairs in Abia”.

Ehiemere said that Abia’s backwardness and underdevelopment could be blamed on a “faulty foundation, which was laid in 1999”.

The APGA Chairman regretted that successive governments had “consistently followed the established faulty foundation”, thus enslaving the people and inflicting serious economic hardship on them.

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He said: “It is instructive to say that Abia has been very unlucky in terms of governance since 1999 to date, when compared to its sister-states in the South-East.

“The people have suffered serious economic hardship, strangulation and subjugation in the hands of political jobbers and opportunists, who have continued to impose themselves on the business of governance.

“And until a genuine and people-oriented leader is elected to lead the state, the masses would continue to grumble and cry.”

Ehiemere, therefore, admonished the people to take a cue from the positive outcomes of the just-concluded Anambra governorship poll.

He urged them to resist any attempt to foist bad governance on the state in 2023; by rejecting financial inducement to vote for the wrong candidates.

“My regret is that our people, both the educated and uneducated, are docile; and not ready to challenge the status quo as is the case in other southeast states,” he said.

According to him, the report of the Anambra electorate rejecting financial inducement to vote against their conscience; and APGA candidate, Prof. Charles Soludo, should be a lesson for us in Abia in 2023.

The APGA chairman accused the Peoples Democratic Party-led government; in the state of being insensitive to the people’s wellbeing and infrastructure development of the state.

He said that a government that had become synonymous with non-payment of workers’ salaries; pensions; and gratuities could not be said to be people-oriented.

He further said that the government had yet to account for the N27 billion World Bank facility; tied to the construction of major roads in Aba.


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