Apple set to unveil iPhone 14

Apple set to unveil iPhone 14

Apple is widely expected to give a first look at its latest iPhone lineup on Wednesday, as the tech giant has done every year in September for about a decade.

The newest iPhone is anticipated to have a bigger screen while remaining thinner.

According to reports, Apple will introduce a 6.7-inch phone that is not a Pro model; it will have the larger size but not the more expensive pricing. It is also anticipated that the infamous notch surrounding the front-facing camera system would disappear. Additionally, observers of Apple predict that the company will drop its less expensive, smaller iPhone from the 14 line-ups.

Users are to also expect a potentially major upgrade to camera quality with the latest iPhones; as some Apple watchers predict the 14 line-ups will be the first of the company’s flagship smartphones to shoot 8K video.

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At its event on Wednesday, Apple is reportedly going to introduce several new iWatch models, including a higher-end Pro model targeted at people who enjoy sports and fitness.

According to reports, the brand also intends to release improved versions of its premium wireless earphones, the AirPod Pros. The AirPods line has proven to be one of Apple’s bigger breakout successes in recent years.

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