Are you a ’40-seconds’ man? – Emeka Nwolisa

Are you a ’40-seconds’ man? – Emeka Nwolisa


In the last one week or so, the ‘40-seconds’ drama has rented the air and trended heavily online. Social media users have been trolling the persons involved in the ’40-seconds’ drama with new meanings given to the word.

For those who have been having laughs over the issue, continue, your reward is in heaven. And for those who are joining those laughing but are chronic erection riggers, also continue; we know where your reward lies.

One day, one good day like this, you would rig and may end up joining the statistics of those who died in ‘active service.’ For those who cannot be bothered by all the hullabaloo, I also say continue.

But trust Nigerians, we no dey carry last. Some sharp guys have intensified marketing of their go beyond ’40-seconds’ herbal remedies. No NAFDAC number is required and the efficacy of the drugs has not been proven but then, every man wants to be a ‘strong man’, so these people are smiling to the bank.




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So who really is a ’40-seconds’ man?

These are men who have Premature Ejaculation. To put it simple and bluntly, premature ejaculation is said to occur when a man does not have control over the timing of his ejaculation.

On account of this, ejaculation can happen in as little as 30-seconds to a minute, and may even occur just at the point of penetration.  

Forget what is depicted in pornography movies please; most studies suggest that the average time it takes before a man ejaculates during intercourse is about four to five minutes. An in-depth   report by USA showed that the average length of a sex act is 7.3 minutes but 43 percent of men finish under two minutes.


In the quest by most men to act out their fantasies and imagined prowess, they take both herbal and non-herbal medications in order to increase their stamina and staying power in the other room.

Unfortunately, events in the other room have occasionally ended in tears and sorrow. Heart attack is often the vehicle that conveys the gentleman to the great beyond while standing erect and in joyful ecstasy.



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Bear in mind that most hospitals around do not have functional defibrillators that are essential in treatment of heart attack.

The exact cause of premature ejaculation is unknown, but it’s often rooted in physical, psychological, or emotional issues.

Anxiety, as well as other emotional and psychological factors such as stress or depression, can also contribute to premature ejaculation.


Other suggested causes include hormonal imbalance, abnormal levels of neurotransmitters, abnormal reflex activity of the ejaculatory system, inflammation and infection of the prostate or urethra and nerve damage from surgery or accidents.


Counseling is often one of the modalities of managing premature ejaculation. This would include sessions with the gentleman and the spouse. Where structural or hormonal issues are the cause of premature ejaculation, a detailed evaluation by a doctor and appropriate treatment would achieve the desired results.

Of note though, self-medication by way of combination of energy drinks, aphrodisiacs and herbal preparations can be harmful and deadly.

Better to remain a ’40-seconds’ man and stay alive than die in active action in an attempt to play the strong man.


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According to Oliver Goldsmith ‘he who fights and runs away may live to fight another day, but he who is battle slain can never rise to fight again’

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Lilian Osigwe

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