Army vs Shi’ites: The Army Is Powerless Without Weapons – Shi’ites

Army vs Shi’ites: The Army Is Powerless Without Weapons – Shi’ites

The fracas between the Nigerian Army and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) also known as the Shi’ites continued on Wednesday with the IMN declaring the Army as powerless without weapons, saying if the situation were reversed, the Army won’t be able to confront them.

A spokesperson for the group, Abdullahi Zango, disclosed this on Monday during a press briefing where he accused the soldiers of attacking innocent protesters with the military fabricating lies to cover up their crimes.

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He said: “They continue to say that we are armed, this is a blatant lie. If we are armed, Nigerian Army cannot face us.

“If we have weapons with us, the Nigerian Army is too small to face us. With our courage and brevity, with empty hands, they are running away from us; talk less of when we have arms.

“They know that we are not armed because they are cowards.”

“The situation of throwing stones at them; yes, it is the weapon of somebody who is not armed.”

Zango further intimated some cache of ammunition had been planted within the ranks of the Shi’ites in order to discredit and incriminate the group.

He reported the operatives killed 47 people in total with the IMN having to pay N8 million as medical bills for 106 Shi’ites currently receiving treatment in various hospitals in Abuja.

He said an additional N25 million will be needed to cater for other casualties who are still recuperating.

Many Nigerians and various human rights groups, including Amnesty International, have condemned the Army’s handling of the Shi’ites.



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