AT&T now lets customers combine different unlimited plans

AT&T now lets customers combine different unlimited plans

AT&T has announced a change to how its Unlimited plans work, and it now allows customers – specifically families – to combine different plans under the same account. This lets each person pick out a different plan for their service line, so each person can get the plan the fits their usage, while also benefiting from the lower prices of combining multiple lines.

AT&T calls this Unlimited Your Way, and it’s limited to the company’s Unlimited plans, of which there are three. Each tier offers significantly different features; and prices start at $35 per month if you opt for the base Unlimited Starter plan with four active lines. Of course, the more lines you have, the lower the price will go for each line. Here’s how the pricing structure works:

Of course, this isn’t really a new concept; and Verizon has let its customers do the same thing with its Unlimited plans for some time now; including with the Just Kids plan it introduced last year. Still, if you’re keen on using AT&T instead; you now get some additional flexibility. As a side note, AT&T’s 5G service is included in all Unlimited plans, and the carrier has recently expanded its low-band 5G to cover over 179 million people in the United States.

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