Attack in Northern Burkina Faso leaves 12 dead

Attack in Northern Burkina Faso leaves 12 dead

According to local sources on Thursday, a new attack by suspected jihadists left at least 12 persons dead in northern Burkina Faso, the most of them civilian volunteers supporting the military forces.

The incident happened at Boala in the Centre-North region, according to locals and a head of the VDP volunteer group.

“At least 10 volunteers were killed and there were several wounded. The wonded were taken to the medical centre in Boulsa,” one of the residents said. Boulsa is the main town in Namentenga province.

The VDP official said “several terrorists were neutralised by volunteers after a two-hour-long fight.”

A poor landlocked country in the heart of the Sahel, Burkina Faso is battling a seven-year-old jihadist insurgency that swept in from neighboring Mali.

Thousands of civilians and members of the security forces have died and nearly two million people have fled their homes.

More than a third of the semi-desert country is in the control of the militants. In addition, anger within the armed forces at military losses has spurred two coups this year.

The latest attack is the fourth in Burkina Faso since Sunday. It now brings the latest tally of deaths to at least 27.

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On Sunday, six civilians, including four teachers, were killed by suspected jihadists at Bittou near the southeastern border with Ghana and Togo.

At least nine civilians were killed in the north on Monday and Tuesday in attacks on a village.

On November 26, a bomb in the north killed four soldiers, and three civilians were shot dead in the northeast.

The VDP — the Volunteers for the Defence of the Fatherland — is an auxiliary force that supports the poorly equipped army.

Set up in December 2019, it comprises civilian volunteers who are given two weeks’ military training and then carry out surveillance, information-gathering, or escort duties.

But hundreds of volunteers have died, especially in ambushes or explosions caused by improvised explosive devices (IEDs) planted along roadsides.

Despite the losses, 90,000 people signed up during a recruitment drive for the VDP in November, according to the authorities.

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