Omicron variant cases reported in Australian school

Omicron variant cases reported in Australian school


Just hours after detecting the Omicron virus case in the country; reports claimed at least 13 people were infected with the new variant in Australia.


Reports said at least two students were infected with the Omicron variant in a Sydney school with 13 cases linked to the new variant in the school.


A person was detected with the Omicron variant case even though he had no history of having travelled abroad confirming community transmission.


New South Wales health authorities asked people who had come into contact with school authorities to isolate themselves and get tested with investigations underway on how; the students were infected even though they were no reports of them having travelled abroad.

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Australia had earlier postponed plans to reopen the country to skilled workers and students; after the presence of the Omicron variant was revealed by South Africa.


Australia has followed a strict policy on not allowing non-citizens in the country since March 2020; as the pandemic hit countries worldwide. However, it has witnessed a surge in cases in recent months with Melbourne and Sydney showing daily cases.


Northern Territory recorded the first coronavirus fatality on Thursday.


The country has recorded 12,000 COVID-19 cases and 2,000 fatalities so far.

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