Ayra Starr: Why Mavins artiste is not the ‘new Tems’

Ayra Starr: Why Mavins artiste is not the ‘new Tems’

The dream of every Nigerian teenager is to make money, attain prominence and create a legacy that their naysayers stated was out of their reach. Ayra Starr is currently on the verge of joining a superstar, since becoming a ward at Don Jazzy’s Mavins Records.

Ayra Starr was unveiled as the next big thing on Friday, January 22, signed to Don Jazzy’s Mavins Records. Home to most recent breakout stars, Rema and Crayon. Her emergence came with a bang, a self-titled EP was launched at her unveiling.
Making the announcement on social media, Don Jazzy wrote;

Last year I met the most incredible 18-year-old girl, her name is @AyraStarr.

Through her lyrics guided by her soulful voice; I am able to see the world from a teenagers point of view.
Ayra is not just an amazing artist, she is an all-round superstar.
It’s been a fantastic experience working behind the scene for over a year and we at Mavin Global are super proud to present to the world today #AyraStarr.
Pls follow and join me to welcome to MAVIN”
The project, a 5-track EP quickly gained buzz across social media, several listeners were already fascinated by the youngster’s masterpiece. Her voice, soothing; her charisma, mesmerising.
Ayra Starr was quickly dubbed the breakout artiste for 2021.
The lead single off her project, “Away” instigated immediate comparison with Alte/Alternative singer-songwriter, Tems.
Watch the music for ‘Away’ below.
Netizens have taken to social media to claim the 18-year-old teenage star share a striking physical resemblance with the exceptionally talented artiste, Tems and they have similar vocal range.

Their hypnotic vocals could not go without wrapping listeners around their fingers; in fact, their style of expressionism is identical, however, they are not the same.


Ayra Starr
As a matter of fact, their lyrical content and theme are miles apart.
It’s too early, the comparisons will not fly and here is why.
Tems gained mainstream prominence in 2019 with her smash hit, “Try Me”. It gained massive airplay and it earned her a collaboration with the self-acclaimed star boy, Wizkid.
Tems invented her own style of expression, a melancholy outlook on life and her lyrics are usually about finding moving on from heartbreak and a place of loneliness.
In fact, her debut EP, For Broken Ears was themed around feminism, female empowerment; anxiety and panic attacks and lastly, the flaws of relationship.
Tems is an exceptional singer, but her music isn’t about bringing out the positivity of life.
Meanwhile, her younger colleague, Ayra Starr is here to do her own thing. Create her own path and design her own essence in the music industry.
Starr might have been influenced primarily by Tems, however, her soulful music differs from her Alte counterpart. Ayra Starr wants to talk about the beauty of self-love, family and her teenage dreams.
They differ, apparently. Similar style of expression, but their mindset and message are like dizygotic twins.
While Tems is more into the moody Alte genre; Ayra Starr wants to grate like an Afrobeats artiste. Listen to her single, “Away” and “DITR”, you’ll enjoy the upbeat vibes in her music.
Hence, listeners need to enjoy both artistes and avoid comparing them both. They are doing well, at least, let Starr soar in her newfound fame.
You can stream the EP HERE.

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