Babangida reveals fear of lawsuits, reason he is yet to write memoir

Babangida reveals fear of lawsuits, reason he is yet to write memoir

Former Military President, Ibrahim Babangida, on Friday, October 2, revealed the reason behind the delay in penning his memoirs.

Babangida explained that he wanted to do a thorough job of it.

He further stated that he was being thorough in order to avoid any case of libel or defamation.

“I am scared of somebody suing me to court to say that I libeled somebody or that I misrepresented somebody and I will spend five years going to court,” Babangida said.

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The former military president made this disclosure during a TV interview on Channels TV.

When the anchor told him about what his friends said about him (Babangida) being bound by the oath of secrecy to keep some issues to himself, he swiftly responded: “Don’t forget, not only in Nigeria but throughout the world, for a certain number of years beyond which anybody will punish you for opening the secret because you have passed certain limitation period.

“It (memoirs) will come but if it doesn’t come my children will go into the classroom and make research. Everything that will need research about us we have it in abundance. I know that General Obasanjo has a library that is very rich.”

Regarding the state of the economy, he said: “I think in the next couple of years, I think we should be able to realign with some current thinking in the world about governance, about development, about technology.

“Now is the digital age. We are blessed, we have very bright manpower, both the young and the old and very energetic. We should be able to match equally with the developed world as far as development is concerned.

“In Africa we have the brain, the job has been done. It is only implementation. So the next generation will be able to go back, look into the library or bring it out and implement a lot of things.”

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