Babcock sex tape that screwed them all! – Peju Akande

Babcock sex tape that screwed them all!  – Peju Akande



Kids in universities, Babcock included, will always have sex. That’s a fact!


In this age when recording virtually every mundane activity from eating ice cream in your home to sucking off cum from a partner in a hospital room is a fad; sex videos will surface. That’s another fact!


Sex will always happen even in the hallowed grounds of a Christian university such as Babcock. Again, that’s a fact!



Hell! there’s sex even in the Vatican!



When the sex tape of a Babcock student began to do the rounds; I didn’t think it was a scoop; I just thought some stupid kids got caught!


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The school too has suddenly been caught in its own unnecessarily strict rules; not only are its students defying their rules, they are rubbing it right in their noses. They should know that character isn’t built in the long dresses they make their female students wear. Nor in the tucked-in shirts they insist their male students must appear in.


For godly character is not of the outward but comes from the inner man…or woman (remind me what portion of Bible that is) …Surely they must have known this by now.


The parents of the Babcock girl are also in a mess. Now they have to explain their children’s behaviour to friends/family (not a good place to be, I tell you).


However, I was curious as to how the actors in the video were filmed. Were they aware they were being filmed or did they put on a show to entertain the world?


I clicked on the link to the story and was totally unprepared for the video that began to play. This is porn! My ‘church mind’ wasn’t prepared for this.

Babcock leaked sex tape would astound any mother!

The girl in the video could be my niece, my friend’s child, even my daughter. What mother would enjoy watching this?


Babcock sex tape that screwed them all! - Peju Akande


When you have a child, sister, friend that age; you can’t be among the baying crowd to this sort of display. Sex is a private thing, except of course it is porn. The Babcock sex video is as raw as it gets and so I couldn’t even watch to the end. While I am no prude, watching kids my children’s age have sex isn’t pleasant for me.



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Instead, I went to the comments section to glean a bit of what I may be missing in the video. I was at first certain the girl could not have been aware she was being recorded. Nevertheless, comments suggested otherwise.


She was aware. In fact, it was said that it was her ‘boyfriend’ who shared the video among his close circle of friends until it got to a female friend; who had a beef with ‘our girl’ and she leaked it.



See why recording things like this is always a bad idea?



I was at the 2019 matriculation ceremony of Babcock two days after the video broke. There, I found out the ‘sexing students’ had been expelled already and that the video was recorded April this year.


I put myself in the shoes of the parents of the ‘sexing students’. While most parents may subtly be aware their university kids may be having sex; no parent wants to be an audience to it! With the leak and their expulsion, their parents, guardians, siblings/ family members would have been forced to watch the video; to see things for themselves to justify their being expelled from school.


University’s action is all about setting precedent

Some are berating the school for its strict rules; mocking their ‘Christian values’ for its inability to forgive the ‘sexing students.’



Qué mierda!



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It’s about precedence. You let these ones go and every other student caught would cite this and sue to be let off. It’s like pleading the 5th Amendment.


Having written a thing or two about Babcock University and its strict rules; I have always maintained a position. We don’t have to be in that school if we can’t abide by their rules, simple. Babcock did not call us. We went seeking education there and so long as we are the ones who went to them; we must abide by their rules!



Also, I do not judge the stupid kid. Both are adults and in the university and this is what university students have done from…way back…worldwide. This is what they will continue to do until Jesus comes. However, in a school that expressly insists students sign an undertaking for good behaviour, not fornicating and the likes; the laws have to be enforced when rules are broken!


The rule is – Thou shall not get caught!


Now, are these ‘sexing students’ the only ones having sex on campus? No. But other aren’t doing videos and those who have, are careful with the videos they make…. until it leaks. So long as there are no leaked videos; the assumption is other video recording sexing students are ‘good and obedient students’.



Only the ones caught are guilty. It’s the same thing with politicians, all are stealing us blind but only the ones caught are thieves!



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It’s the 11th Commandment: Thou shall not be caught!



Babcock sex tape that screwed them all! - Peju Akande



If you want to make a sex video, for goodness sake; make sure you don’t ever share it and you don’t lose your phone. Otherwise, it will get leaked, it’s only a matter of time.


And here’s a note for all…Institutions of higher learning do not just issue certificates on knowledge acquisition. Certificates are given for Character and Learning.


Where the character of the student is flawed, either by leaked sex tapes or otherwise; the student is automatically disqualified. Apply this principle to our ‘sexting students’ and you have students unworthy of emulation either by their peers or their community.


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