Babcock University: Will they turn a blind eye to this rape matter? – Peju Akande

Babcock University: Will they turn a blind eye to this rape matter? – Peju Akande


Babcock university takes pride in its institution.



On their website, the university is described thus; “As the pace-setter in private education delivery, Babcock has earned an award as the Best Private University in Africa. Indeed, Babcock is the leader in Nigeria, offering an education that inspires hope and transforms lives…”


Parents looking to find the right educational soil for their wards to sprout will no doubt find these words comforting. Established on the tenets of the Seventh Day Adventist movement, the university further extols its own virtue, saying; “The truth that universities are built to serve their communities, nation and mankind will continue to shape the inner and outer dimensions of our life as a community. We are resolutely committed to this value, vision and mission. As a University we are not insulated from the happenings of the times. This university has to be part of the solution.”




Babcock University: Will they turn a blind eye to this rape matter? - Peju Akande





From the above, it’s clear where the institution stands. Should anyone connected to it appear to tarnish its image; Babcock University is committed to ensuring it stands its ground against it.



They demonstrated this last year when the sex tape of two of their students went viral. The university was swift to expel the students involved. Though some claimed the sex didn’t happen on the hallowed grounds of the university; you see, it is all about building character, building individuals fit for a morally upright society.



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So now, in the light of the recent outrage against rape and sexual violence against women; especially following after the gruesome rape and murder of Uwaila Omozuwa; the year one Microbiology student who was raped and murdered in a church in Edo state; some young adults and among them, students of Babcock University, both male and female; have done videos condemning rape and in the midst of it all, a recurring disturbance has been noted.



Babcock University: Will they turn a blind eye to this rape matter? - Peju Akande




A particular student of the same institution is being accused of rape. He goes by the name, Yangy aka Godknows Adolphus.



While many of the victims have asked to be anonymous and for good reason too, those bold enough; those who have suffered in silence long enough are stepping out to accuse this same male student and one or two others, of rape.



Now, as we all know, rape is a crime. Let’s not beat about the bush on this. It is a crime against self, against society, against God; who Babcock University authorities say they hold themselves accountable to. The first thing to ask is this, is this Yangy Adolphus truly a student of Babcock University? If he is, what are the authorities doing about these claims?



Babcock University: Will they turn a blind eye to this rape matter? - Peju Akande




As expected, the so called Yangy Adolphus has denied all accusations. He has even threatened to call police authorities on these girls.



Many of the comments tagged Babcock University on Twitter. Yet, the University Twitter handler has made no comments, no response so far; understandable when dealing with very tricky issues like rape accusations.



The university authorities may be looking for proof; like the one they got on the sex tape, yeah? They may be looking to find one victim, who can show her wounds, her scars, emotional and otherwise; to prove that in actual fact, she was raped.




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Who knows? They just may be hoping to catch the rapist in the act!



Or maybe they would want to know, what she was wearing? Where she was at? Generally, how she provoked the rape.



These may explain why they have kept mute; why they haven’t openly supported their students who are doing videos and standing up against rape; or why they haven’t made any official statement on this.



While we await the university’s internal investigation; as we truly want to believe the institution isn’t just turning the other cheek; we are appealing to parents and guardians. Please train your boys; talk to your sons about consent; talk to them about self-control. When a girl says no, IT IS NOT THE SAME THING AS YES in a hard to get way. IT MEANS NO! It means she isn’t ready, it means, stop because if you continue, it is rape!




COVID-20 Pandemic - Ray Ekpu




We live in an era where everything goes to the internet and the internet doesn’t forgive. A rape accusation could tarnish your son’s image for life; it could destroy his future. It takes one bold move from a victim and the rest will come out! And victims are getting bolder by the day.




Speaking of victims, be aware it takes guts, it takes even fear. It takes a whole lot of pain to call out a rapist in Nigeria.



Why? because being a victim of rape comes with stigma from the society. The victim becomes leprous to the rest of us. The victim is accused of being responsible for the rape. Also, the victim is vilified and told she deserved to be raped. The victim gets the blame and the rapists walks away; especially the one who threatens to call the police!



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When we ignore the cry of the victim, we are raping them a second time. We are traumatizing them just like the rapist.




Babcock University: Will they turn a blind eye to this rape matter? - Peju Akande



We also call upon groups, agencies like NAPTIP to come to the aid of some of these victims. The police must not receive bribe to aid and abet rich perpetrators to the detriment of their victims.



All hands must be on deck if we are to stop rape. Yes, all hands on deck!






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