Babysitter arrested after killing toddler with wrestling move

Babysitter arrested after killing toddler with wrestling move

A 24-year-old babysitter identified as Marvin Rex Lake has been arrested after he killed a one-year-old toddler using numerous wrestling maneuvers.


The babysitter has been charged with capital murder after he allegedly used several wrestling-style moves and a football hold on a one-year-old baby, Ahren Joshua DeHart.


The toddler suffered a fractured skull and brain damage.


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The parents of the late 1-year-old boy


Lake was watching the victim; along with two other children, on April 13 while their mothers were working.


In a video call with the mum of the other children earlier in the evening, DeHart was “in good health and alert, but was crying and fussy.”


Just over four hours later, by 9.30 pm; Lake called the second mum and told her DeHart had “rag-dolled” and vomited up something red.


The boy’s mother returned to the home shortly before midnight where she found her son unresponsive, an affidavit said.


The two other children in Lake’s care were also found with injuries, authorities have said.


DeHart sadly died three days later, on April 16.


In other news, 1st News reported that an 18-year-old student of FUTO took his life by hanging.


His body was found dangling in his apartment.


Sources said that the 18-year-old recently returned to the lodge with his mother, who stayed with him for some days before leaving.


Two days after her departure; Nwafor who was said to be unwell and also in pain, was found dead.


He left a suicide note for his mother.

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