Banky W lashes government for urging citizens to get NIN numbers amid COVID-19 pandemic

Banky W lashes government for urging citizens to get NIN numbers amid COVID-19 pandemic

Nigerian entertainment polymath, Banky W real name Bankole Wellington has slammed the government for instigating citizens to get their National Identification Number, NIN in the middle of a pandemic.


Banky W revealed that the government is not taking appropriate measures in curbing the spread of COVID-19.


Banky W who described this as “completely reckless, inconsiderate and dangerous”; stated that it is irresponsible to insist on this “mad scramble for NIN numbers” in the middle of the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.



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He tweeted;

“In the middle of the pandemic, this is how our Nigerian Government has its citizens queuing up to get their NIN numbers.

Completely reckless, inconsiderate and dangerous.

Then tomorrow the NCDC will release covid infection rates and say social distancing.

This country sha. Kai.

@NCDCgov @NigeriaGov @NGRPresident This is completely irresponsible of us as a country, to insist on this mad scramble for NIN numbers in the middle of Covid’s 2nd wave.

People are dying.

We should be smarter/wiser/better than this for goodness sake.”



A couple of days ago, ace Nigerian comedian, Owen Gee kicked against the reopening of school after his son reportedly contracted Coronavirus.

Owen Gee kicked against the government’s decision to reopen schools despite the second wave of the pandemic in the country.

“With the rate at which the figures are going up, give me a reason why they want the schools to reopen?

In light of what we have faced, I have asked my children to stay at home. Their lives mean more to me than their education. A lot of countries are on lockdown, they are not bothered if their children will go to the next class or not. Nigeria is not the most developed country in the world. We should not act as if education is a do or die affair. We are talking about a virus.

A bucket of water outside the school and hand sanitiser is not enough to prevent children from getting the virus. Because we all have different immunities, I cannot risk the life of my child. I do not support the resumption of schools,” he said.


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