BBNaija: Celebrating the grandeur of culture (Photos)

BBNaija: Celebrating the grandeur of culture (Photos)


In celebration of Seyi’s title, a grandeur ceremony was organized in his honour. Recall he retained his head of house title on Monday, August 12.


Following Biggie’s announcement that the Heritage Bank’s Coronation Task would kick-off in three hours, the Pepper Dem Gang gathered in the lounge and started their final rehearsals.


What followed was an amazing drama presentation in the rich Tiv culture.


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The Apparel Of Honour

Shortly before the actual presentation began, the Housemates got a surprise package from Heritage Bank.


It was the costume that each of them would later wear to give us a brilliant performance.


After putting on their clothes, all of them looked stunning, a treat most fitting for a rich coronation.


The last rite was the praise singer’s part, and Omashola stepped in.


In his usual dramatic tone, he eulogized the king so much that Seyi’s smile broadened when he said that, “the Tor Tiv killed a hyena with his bare hands.”



After this, it was time for the Tor Tiv to shower the land with his prayers.


And Seyi acted this well like a true king. And then curtain called.

The Tor Tiv, Seyi, was clad in a flowing striped agbada with a touch of black and red. Frodd, Gedoni and Omashola looked great in their various dashiki wears.


See photos from the grandeur coronation below.


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