Beating Ekweremadu changes nothing – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

Beating Ekweremadu changes nothing – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha


A round of applause to ndi ‘saner climes’ in Germany for Ekweremadu. Calm your horses. That was pure sarcasm, I am not clapping for them.




I was horrified when I came across the video of Senator Ekweremadu being beaten by some persons. I hear that they are IPOB…but I don’t know for sure. In the video, they lamented the state of the nation…people being killed and suffering.


Beating Ekweremadu changes nothing - Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha


I saw this video on Instagram. I quickly went through the comment section of the blog to gauge the reaction of Nigerians to the video. As you can guess, people were mostly jubilant.



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YES! Let us beat all of them who are chopping our money and not fixing the country.




Buhari next. Rochas next. Amaechi next. El-Rufai next. People began to advocate for the beating of Nigerian politicians when they come out of Nigeria. Some hailed this as the needed Nigerian Revolution. They said this would be the start of the change that we desire in this country.




“Let them know that it is not business as usual and that we Nigerians will not take any rubbish from anyone anymore.”




A few people were appalled by this. There was also some hypocrisy. APC people happy that PDP Ekweremadu was getting this treatment. Hypocritical because if an APC senator had been beaten, they would be very upset.




Some said that Nigerians abroad cared more about Nigeria than Nigerians at home. They said Nigerians at home were cowards. They said that we make social media noise without taking it to the streets.




I am, sadly, not a very optimistic person. I see the half empty glasses and I also always see the cons before the pros of any situation.


Sorry, but Ekweremadu is not the problem

Indeed, I rarely follow anyone to make euphoric statements and I do not have a utopia mentality. In fact, I did not believe GEJ was going to be the fresh air we needed. I didn’t believe Buhari would bring change.


I am sorry to burst your bubble but I see this Ekweremadu situation not as the start of anything. Remember when Pa Fasoranti’s daughter was killed and people were predicting that Yoruba people would rise up and say enough is enough? Well, I told you nothing tangible will come out of it and nothing did. Buhari did a press release, sent his emissary of obituaries to the family. Also, Tinubu visited the family and we all went back to our lives.



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Nigeria is quite predictable, I don’t know how people still think that a revolution can happen just like that.




Miscreants beating up Ekweremadu changes nothing. It is not the start to anything. It was simply foolish, lawless individuals that harassed a man for nothing.




No message will be learnt. In fact, the people better be careful because in ‘saner climes’ you don’t just beat a person and go away just like that.




So how did this beating help the common Nigerian man? Will it change that Buhari is ruining…I mean running this country? (Or Abba Kyari…if you know you know.)




Will it bring succour to anyone? Does this mean politicians will stop travelling abroad or move Nigeria ahead?




It was a meaningless, cowardly and lawless act. And for those that are berating ordinary Nigerians for not taking matters into their hands by fighting these politicians, you are all not well. You think cowardice is our problem?



Beating up your kinsman is not the solution

Nigeria isn’t a country you die for. Nigeria isn’t a country that remembers people who die for them. There is a legitimate reason to be scared to start any revolution here. In a country where the judiciary and the legislative arms of government are sitting in the executive pocket cozily with CBN, the military and police… if this government handles you…you go know.




The Nigerians abroad think their loud commentary is bravery and that our caution is because we have no liver. We dare them. Come back to Nigeria and start this revolution. Come and beat Ekweremadu and Amaechi here. Since it is easy, come and show us the way.



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Eagle Square is easy to locate. Come and complain and force our politicians to change this country. Beating Ekweremadu is easy abroad. Come with your chest and beat him here in Nigeria so that the message of the suffering Nigerians will be amplified.




Don’t get me wrong. Whether you live here or not, if you are a Nigerian, you have a right to complain about things here. The amount of money that comes in because you care about life here in Nigeria is astounding. And we appreciate it. But the truth is you are not braver than us because you live in a place insulated from our government’s reach.




As a matter of fact, you were not helping us by beating the senator. He will still win the next election.




If indeed the attackers are IPOB, then what can I say? Delusion raised to delusion. There is no Biafra. There will never be. For the singular reason that you wore isiagus to beat a man wearing isiagu tells us all we need to know.



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Ekweremadu is a mild-mannered man. He is not the enemy. Humiliating your tribesman this way only makes you look bad.




Finance someone to beat him in the next elections if you want Nigeria to change. What you did doesn’t change anything.

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  1. Avatar
    Riot Fiftythousand

    This cluelessness and brazen display of idiocy without any explanation to justify your statement is as Zoogerian as Fulani Terrorists.
    Ekweremadu is probably not deserving of the beating as much as OkoroAwusa and Orji Uzor Kalu are deserving of Lynching but business as usual is only changed by acting unusually.
    Ekweremadu did never imagine this fate will befall him but these Diasporans never imagined the Igbo Politicians would end becoming Igbo oppressors, so the change we shout about might just start being taken seriously.
    Ekweremadu is lucky he was not shot between the eyes like westerners do their enemies but those of them visiting USA better be warned and very careful because they might just have a very rude and lethal awakening waiting for them.
    Those who decide to sell the future of their citizens must wait for the repercautions that would follow.
    The black man is the only human who consistently moves backwards instead of forward, and Diaspora Nigerians are being treated like criminals because of where they come from.
    These sons of bhitches better watch their backs outside the Zoo as I advise them they have become target practice objects outside the Zoo.
    Very well deserved.
    Nigerians make noise and vote against their own interests every time but never hold their oppressors responsible.
    Morherfokers , watch your backs if you ever make it USA, just an advice to you.
    Fok you all


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