Belinda Effah likens Nigerians to animals

Belinda Effah likens Nigerians to animals

Nollywood actress, Belinda Effah has stated that Nigerians react better when they are treated like animals.


The actress lashed out at Nigerians over what she termed as “misplaced priorities“.


In her Instagram post, the actress stated that the country won’t move forward until Nigerians place their interest in the right place.


Effah added that it is sad Nigerians respond better when they are treated like animals.


Belinda Effah


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She wrote;

“Until Your Interest Is In The Right Place Nigerians, There Will Be No Going Forward.

It’s Sad Nigerians Respond Better When They Are Treated Like Animals

Enough Said – Mic Off”



Several months back, Belinda Effah took to social media to make comments about the efflux of women exposing their body during Instagram Live sessions.


Further, she also divulged her disappointment in celebrities who are promoting promiscuity while using social media as a tool.


Read what she wrote on her Instagram page;

Women Is this How Much You Hate Yourselves?

”Is This The Much Insecurity You Possess?
Ok, Let Me Explain –

If You Have A Sister Or A Mother That Is Into Prostitution or Drugs or Have A Drinking Problem, Won’t You Look For Ways To Rehabilitate The People You Love?

“Despite The Fact That They Are Mature and are of Age Yet They Have Their Weaknesses?
Will You Allow Them Go To Places Where They Can Easily Have Access To Men or Drugs Or Alcohol? Won’t You Fight With Everything You Have To Get Them Out Of The Bad Habit Just Because You Want Better For Them? I Mean You Will Even Battle God In Prayer To Deliver 

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