Benefits of kegels for men’s sexual health

Benefits of kegels for men’s sexual health



Kegel exercises for men can help with a variety of male sexual health issues.


The sexual benefits of pelvic floor muscle exercises include lasting longer in bed; harder and firmer erections, the ability to have an orgasm without ejaculating (useful for guys who want to learn how to have multiple orgasms), and more intense orgasms.


In addition to treating PE, research has also found that Kegel exercises can help men with erectile dysfunction as well.



Lasting Longer In Bed

Even if you technically don’t meet the clinical criteria for PE, pelvic floor muscle exercises can still be helpful for improving your sexual stamina.


Research finds that the average healthy man lasts around 5.5 minutes during vaginal penetration.


However, you can extend this length of time by working on your pelvic floor muscles.


The average healthy woman can take up to about 15 minutes to reach climax.


The fact that women tend to take longer to reach orgasm than men is something that contributes to what has been dubbed the “Orgasm Gap”.

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Harder, Firm Erections

Soft erections can be caused by both reduced blood flow to the penis as well as weak pelvic floor muscles.


Like any form of exercise, pelvic floor muscle exercises can help to improve blood flow and circulation to the area being exercised.


Stronger pelvic floor muscles can, therefore, help your penis to engorge more fully during erection, thereby making it feel harder and look bigger.



Have Orgasms Without Ejaculating

It’s well known that many women seem to be capable of having multiple orgasms.


However, what many don’t realize is that men can potentially have multiple orgasms, too.


For example, a 2016 study found that between 7 and 10 percent of men report having had more than one orgasm.


One of the most common ways men have been able to achieve this sexual feat is through practicing reaching orgasms without ejaculating.


In order to do this, however, you generally need to build strong pelvic floor muscles.



Experience More Powerful Orgasm

The pelvic floor muscles you exercise through Kegels are the same ones that contract when you are having an orgasm.


The stronger these muscles become, the more intense the feelings of pleasure will be when you reach climax.


This is yet another reason to practice your Kegel exercises regularly.

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