Best fitness apps to use for online training

Best fitness apps to use for online training
When it comes to workout styles, it seems like there are a few types of people: those who are devoted to boutique fitness, those who can afford personal trainers, and then those of us who belong to a gym, but never know what to do once we’re there.
No shade at all if the last one sounds like your usual pace-and-elliptical workout routine. It can be challenging and frustrating to go into a workout without a plan, which is why a smart workout app could be your saving grace. Lots of highly sought-after personal trainers — including buzzy fitness pros on Instagram — have their own apps now, so you can always feel like you always have an expert there to hold your hand through the sometimes intimidating gym.
There are video-based apps, audio-only ones, and even apps that will provide weeks-long workout plans to keep coming back to. Whether you’re into yoga, rowing, or just cruising on the elliptical, these are the apps that are worth downloading — and they’re all cheaper than a workout class.
1. Aaptiv

You know those workout instructors who know exactly what to say and which songs to play to get you revved up during a workout? Well, this audio-based workout app puts that trainer — and their kick-ass playlist — right in your headphones. There are 3,000 workouts to choose from (including boxing, elliptical, stretching, yoga, and more), and they add 40 brand new ones each week. But don’t worry if you’re picky: there are so many trainers on the app that you’re bound to vibe with someone.

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2. Sweat

Kayla Itsines, the super-fit Australian Instagram influencer, used to be known for her cult-famous PDF-based workout plans — but now she has an app. Not only does it make it easier to follow along to her challenges with audio cues, but it also allows you to be flexible. For example, there are special postpartum plans as well as challenges that focus on mindfulness, rather than a “bikini body.”

3. Tone It Up

When you download the Tone It Up app, it’s like stepping into Karena and Katrina‘s (the BFF personal trainer duo that built the brand) rosé-colored, endorphin-fueled world. There are hundreds of on-demand guided workout classes that you can access through the app, as well as “daily moves” that serve as a great strength-training base for whatever the rest of your workout entails.

4. Fitbit Coach

If you’re attached to your Fitbit at all times, you’ll appreciate their smart personal training app. The app’s algorithm will suggest workouts based on your daily activity, including bodyweight strength-training sessions and outdoor running workouts. And if you have trouble finding just the right playlist for your workout, they also have a Fitbit “radio” that’s included with the app.

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5. Yoga Workouts with Daily Burn

In those times when you want to take yoga, but know you won’t make it to an IRL class, open up this yoga app from Daily Burn. Once you establish what your goals are, the app will suggest a weekly yoga routine, to help you develop a specific skill (such as crow) or work on an particular area of the body.

6. TRX

You know those bright yellow straps hanging from the ceiling of your gym? They’re TRX straps, and they’re about to be your new favorite strength-training tool. There are tons of different exercises you can do with the straps, from HIIT to yoga, but nailing the moves can take some practice. The TRX app helps you figure out what to do through audio-based coaching and helpful video demos.

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