Betty Irabor: ‘No woman will submit to a bully’

Betty Irabor: ‘No woman will submit to a bully’

Betty Irabor has weighed in the debate pertaining to women submitting to their husbands.


According to the Genevieve Magazine senior editor, it is quintessential for men to command respect with charisma and self-dignity than using coercion.


In a tweet shared this morning, Irabor who has been married for over 30 years, opined that no woman will submit to a man who thinks his wife owes him submission.


According to her, women tend to naturally submit to a man who cares for them and also submits to them as well. Her tweet reads


”I have read a lot about “wives submitting to their husbands” and the counter arguments.

Truth is, submitting to a “na man u bi” kind of guy; who cares for u & also “submits” to u comes naturally.

No woman will ever SUBMIT to a bully who thinks his wife OWES him submission.”



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Her opinion ignited a debate as some of her followers disagreed with her. One of them averred that some women have taken advantage of men who have submitted to them.

Mrs Irabor replied to some users. See their exchange below;


Betty Irabor is the founder of popular Nigerian publication, Genevieve Magazine revealed that she once attempted to take her own life.


While sharing the message, she mentioned that since no one understands what the victims had been passing through; then they shouldn’t make assumptions on how they should have acted.


The publisher has been outspoken about her struggle with depression and suicidal attempts.


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