Beware, shayo na bastard! – Emeka Nwolisa

Beware, shayo na bastard! – Emeka Nwolisa

The festive season is upon us, and with it comes several indulgences. Top on the list are alcohol binge, binging on food and, the last but not the least, sexual rascality.


Alcohol, though, is the principal thing we are concerned about here because with it or under its influence, gbege do happen. Drunkenness, after all, is nothing but voluntary madness.

The abuse of alcohol is a leading cause of accidents which often tend to be worse during festivities, with the numerous parties and opportunities for free drinks.


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For many people, the mantra is simple: awuf no dey run belly. But this is not totally true because in this case, awuf dey run belle well well and might even result in death or permanent disability.


Alcohol is what it is, so you can’t blame it but rather blame those who abuse it.


While that liquid contents in the bottle or can may look great and enticing, it can also cause serious yawa.


Alcohol has a depressant effect so it slows down the brain and affects the body’s responses. Under the influence of shayo, tongues are let loose, inhibitions are lifted and risky actions are unleashed and taken.


As a result of the impact of alcohol on the brain, several things can occur and they include, but not limited to the following:


  • affecting our judgment and reasoning
  • upsetting our sense of balance and coordination
  • impairing our vision and hearing
  • making us lose concentration and feeling drowsy


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While driving, alcohol can also:


  • reduce your ability to see distant objects
  • reduce night vision by 25%
  • make you have blurred and double vision
  • make you lose your peripheral vision

Hehehe… all these caused by alcohol only?


Ever heard of Holiday Heart syndrome? Probably not. This is not very common but it can create serious wahala.


Holiday Heart syndrome is most often characterized by a rapid and irregular heartbeat. It tends to occur after drinking alcohol in excess and it is linked to stroke, heart failure, and heart attack, and may result in death.

Most cases of Holiday Heart syndrome occur in otherwise healthy people, even if they’ve never had an issue with their heart.


It got its name on account of occurring most often during the holiday period when people consume more alcohol than usual.


During the festive periods, people under the influence of alcohol are also at risk for sexual rascality.


Safe sex is often not practiced with the attendant unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.


Remember, AIDS no dey show for face.


There is also the issue of inter-generational sex where older men get into bed with females young enough to be their daughters.


The driving factor is the desire by the gentleman to get ‘payment’ for all the gifts and cash the side-chick received all year.


In the course of seeking maximum return on investment, death in active action becomes an unpleasant event, if not an unexpected norm.


The mediators are energy drinks and sex performance-enhancing drugs.


This festive period, just keep in mind the exhortation of the Psalmist that ‘As with many good things in life, moderation is the key.”


Also remember that ‘Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler; And whoever is intoxicated by it is not wise.”


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Do have yourself a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!





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