Biden’s ‘surrogate’ war in Ukraine could sink the US economy

Biden’s ‘surrogate’ war in Ukraine could sink the US economy

When US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced in Kyiv that the goal of the U.S. support to the Ukrainians in the conflict with Russia was now to degrade Russia’s military power; they will never again be able to conduct such an operation against any other nation; this transformed a conflict that could have been concluded within a matter of weeks; or months into something much more problematic and highly dangerous.


With that reorientation, it officially became a ‘surrogate’ war of the US against Russia.


While US “allies,” particularly NATO members, seem to have gone along with this change of strategy, given the influence of the US in the alliance; it is not at all clear how far they are prepared to go.


Many are still talking about the need for negotiations, including French President Emmanuel Macron.

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While there is yet only ‘rumbling’ underneath the surface; the full brunt of this momentous shift has yet to be felt.


Biden’s idea is that through economic warfare, combined with Ukrainian sacrifices on the battlefield; he can bring Russia down, or perhaps only President Vladimir Putin, whom he previously said should “no longer be in power.”


Another $40 billion has now been allocated by the Congress in aid to Ukraine, most of it for military hardware.


This on top of the billions that have already been spent on this risky venture.


The sanctions on Russia and the attempt to prevent the sale of Russian gas and oil to Europe have already led to a serious crisis for Europe’s energy security.

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