BBNaija: Why Big Brother may have been pressured to disqualify Tacha

BBNaija: Why Big Brother may have been pressured to disqualify Tacha

Tacha has been disqualified from the Big Brother House. This is coming only hours after a strong altercation with housemate, rival, and fan favourite, Mercy – often dubbed Lambo. The showdown began with a vicious shouting match with both ladies bumping chests–or breasts, if you like. Tacha won the point for deafening amplitude; but Mercy stole the show, calling her smelly.

With any other housemate, it may have been silly, even nonsensical. However, rumours had been quietly making the rounds about Tacha’s bad odour. As have also been claims that it was made up. Touching on that subject with no cognizance of the ongoing debate outside the Big Brother House appeared to tip the scale. And with Tacha, it opened a can of worms. She lost all control and pulled Mercy by the hair twice, crossing a line that would later prove to be one of no return.

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She had nonetheless seemed to have escaped punishment and admonition. With the Big Brother Naija show, viewers have become accustomed to seeing punitive actions meted out promptly to offenders. In the last edition, it was the case with Khloe. Two editions prior to this one, it was the case with Kemen. So consistency dictated that Tacha and/or Mercy should be disqualified immediately. And when Ebuka staged an unexpected appearance in the house in the morning, the math was all but done among fans and viewers. But then, to the astonishment of millions watching, Cindy got evicted.

That move sent a tirade coursing across all social media platforms. Fans of the show began to tear the organizers to shreds. There had been reasons in the past to suggest bias; claims that the show needed both ladies who were fan favourites to rake in as much profit as possible from the insatiable voting quota of the fans.

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Now it was seeming true. Also, it was seeming ridiculous. And theories about a rigged structure for cold, hard cash was being floated. As if it was not enough, the disqualified housemates from previous editions called out the organizers, and demanded an explanation for the double standards. To add gas to fire, popular content creators like Instablog9ja and Krakstv threw their weights behind the claim and got millions arguing on real time.

If the organizers of the show mustered any courage to ride out the storm, it was further dimmed when celebrities keyed in with the army of protesters and began to suggest the entire show was a sham. Like in Rome, when the people call for blood, only blood will silence them. And, thus, as the tide appeared to have turned on them, they had to do what must be done to avoid an embarrassing collapse of the notion of fair play and credibility.

Of course to ship both ladies out would be commercial suicide. The league of voters spending money to keep them in the show make up more than half the entire fan base. They had to bring the hammer down on one–the one who had erred more. That was easily Tacha.

So, to save name, and face, they had to make the hard call. They had to give the people blood and quieten the noise.

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