Big Brother Naija: The dark side of becoming a reality star

Big Brother Naija: The dark side of becoming a reality star

In a couple of weeks’ time, the 6th edition of the most-watched Nigerian television show, Big Brother Naija will kick off. 


A new set of Big Brother Naija stars will be unraveled; those who have always wanted to become celebrities will have the opportunity to appear on television and receive all the hype that their hearts have always desired.


In the end, one of the contestants will be going home with the sum of N90 million.


Cheers, this is the life the average Nigerian youth dreams about. However, life is not a bed of roses, there is a price to pay to play the game; if you want fame then you must suffer a bit of heartache.


Ask the 2020 Big Brother Naija Lockdown winner, Laycon.



The reality star had a rough path prior to achieving the objective of the competition. 1st News has the record of Laycon’s voyage towards success documented on the platform, read here. 


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A couple of days ago, 1st News confirmed reports that the Reunion show for BBNaija Lockdown will be coming up in the month of June. Much to the excitement of staunch viewers of the reality.


Stans are prepared to wage war against their arch-rivals one more time. Erica’s fanbase, the Elites are prepared to reinstigate the animosity against Laycon’s Icons; the former best friends will be serving their audience and followers something to feud about, prepare yourself, onlookers.


Amidst the impending feud and conundrum, the reality stars from the 2020 Big Brother Naija Lockdown will be seated with the returning host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu to discuss their journey in the last year.


Apparently, some housemates have gone on to achieve unthinkable milestones, while others have been, to say the least, have been mediocre.


Once again, it’s been only a year but some people are not where they want to be yet.


This is where the title for this publication, The dark side of becoming a reality star comes in.


Let us get into it, check out some disadvantages of becoming a reality star.


  1. BBNaija appearance is no automatic ticket to success



Nobody informed reality stars that their appearance in Biggie’s House does not translate to automatic key to success or attaining mainstream popularity. Housemates such as Tochi, Triky Tee, Eric, etc. have quickly been forgotten.


No major endorsement deals for them, no celebrity treatment for guys who were in Biggie’s House less than 12 months ago.


In fact, becoming a reality star makes life more tedious- pressure on social media, comparison online and offline; getting trolled by mannerless and faceless critics.


Not everyone is going to be a Tacha or Mercy, an Erica or Ozo, a Mike or Nengi; however, you cannot afford to do what you used to as a regular Joe on the streets of Nigeria; once you appear on the TV screen of Nigerians; nobody wants to hear about your poverty level or financial ineptitude, especially the male counterparts.


It is a dangerous game for the men, the women are also not neglected.


People have continued to ridicule the music career of 2017 Big Brother Naija winner, Efe because he has failed to live up to expectation.


For every prospective Big Brother Naija housemate, plan and strategize your personal life before going into the house. Once again, the moment you step on the podium with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, you are no longer the same.


Frodd, a contestant from the 2019 BBNaija Pepper Dem edition got dragged because he could not give away N50,000; Triky Tee is selling books for prospective BBNaija housemates. He is teaching them how to enter into the house and win when in fact he wasn’t among the final five.


Check out the methodologies applied by Laycon.


2. Setting Thirst Trap To Stay Relevant


This is common amongst female housemates.


A couple of years ago, Ifu Ennada from the 2018 Big Brother Naija Double Wahala was a staunch advocate for female empowerment; urging women to fight for their own financial freedom. Ifu Ennada was one of the noblest women from her edition, however, she began to stun her followers when she started exposing some sensitive parts of her body.


Her message changed, she began to talk about sugar daddies, sexuality, etc.


These days, she shares photos of her derriere and boobs unapologetically on Instagram. She no longer talks about her business which she often spoke about.



What changed?

As stated earlier, the fame Big Brother Naija brings is fickle. Unlike celebrities who are in the movie and music industry, BBNaija reality stars tend to lose relevance almost immediately should they not evolve, build and continue to work on themselves and their respective careers.


It is not easy, however, the current host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu did it; Nollywood actress, Bisola Aiyeola has done it and Mike Edwards from the 2019 Big Brother Naija edition, Pepper Dem is currently doing it. Aside from his cigar brand, he is the host of the Budweiser Music show and also an athlete.


Lockdown stars such as Erica, Ozoemena, Laycon, Vee are also blossoming in their various fields.


Ifu Ennada’s colleague, Khloe confirmed that she went under the knife in 2019 to enhance her body. Of course, body enhancement surgeries are becoming popular amongst celebrities in this part of the world, there is no need to say much about it.


With photos that are often published on social media, the aim is to set thirst traps online.




During the #SilheoutteChallenge that went viral a couple of months ago, Ella, who is one of the least most popular housemates from the 2019 Big Brother Naija edition went nude. No one understood why she decided to go unclad; it made no sense as it was perceived as needless.


Without trying too hard, Nengi has remained one of the admired women to grace the BBNaija screen; Bisola Aiyeola has shown that there is more to being creative than flaunting boobs here and there.


3. Fighting Depression After Leaving Breaking Big Brother Naija Show



Anto Lecky who participated in the 2018 Big Brother Naija opened up on her battle with depression. She revealed that this came after her participation in the competition.


The former BBNaija housemate stated that there is intense pressure in trying to keep up with the celebrity lifestyle.


Anto said, “too many things have been happening as of late” that forces her to be honest with herself and accept that “life is hard”.


She said being a public figure makes it even harder because members of the public put a lot of pressure on them to “have it all together.”


Read her full statement here.


Another reality star, Bally who participated in the 2017 edition spoke about depression as well.


According to him, not everyone can handle the pressure after the show comes to an end.


Here is what he has to say.


It is important for prospective reality stars to tread with caution; they must devoid themselves of the illusion that all things will be perfect once they go into Big Brother’s house. It’s majorly deception, in a couple of days’ time during the reunion, the Lockdown housemates will be on television to argue about who is more successful.


Enjoy the television program, you are probably doing better than most reality stars.

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