Is Jan 1st really a new year? – Peju Akande

Is Jan 1st really a new year? – Peju Akande

It’s that time of the year when we all feel we’ve been given a clean slate to start all over again; we have the opportunity to make a fresh start, wipe off all mistakes, dump bad habits, acquire new things, particularly the things we feel will improve the quality of our lives or the lives of those around us.

A new year offers us the opportunity like no other period of the year, to give ourselves, relationships, businesses and even our spiritual lives a thorough appraisal.

We want to change things, the status quo is no longer convenient and many times the changes desired are for good. It’s the period we hear the buzz and often abused word…resolution. We hear of grand plans to be activated; there’re great expectations at the beginning of every year’; we all get reborn!

2018 New Year Resolution, goals written on cardboard with hand drawn sketches

Are you one of those who’ve scribbled out goals for the year? Are your goals well laid out? Are they specific goals? Are they measurable? Do you have a plan B for instance, if, just in case you find you are unable to meet this goal or goals, there’s a fall back arrangement? Are you willing to stick to it and persevere till the end or you’ll just go with the flow? Do your goals include a plan for when what you set out is achieved? Like for instance, you plan to lose weight, say 5kg and you achieve this, do you have a plan for the kind of meals you need to be taking, for instance, to maintain your new weight?

Anyway, goals are great, plans are fantastic, if you can stick to them, you’ll be better and wiser for it, if you can’t, maybe you shouldn’t be waiting for a new year to start all over again.

Like someone said, every day is a gift, that is why it is called the present. So you messed up, start all over again the following day you realise how deep in shit you are in!
So you discover you need to kick a habit, kick it the day or moment you realise you need to make a change!

So you discover a relationship isn’t heading the way you want it, why wait till the beginning of another year to make your move? Thoroughly analyse it like you would were it the beginning of a new year, seek help and where all else fails, don’t wait for the new year before you make a clean cut.

And this cuts across every sphere of life we seek to make changes. While beginnings like this offer clear dates; they shouldn’t be the only times we feel a need to take the right steps.

Everyday can be New Year to you depending on where you stand; look at the Chinese for instance, their New Year this year falls on the 16th of February, 2018. Imagine that! So while the rest of the world is going crazy shooting fireworks, the Chinese arw like…’huh? It’s not even a new year!’

Among core Muslims, the Islamic New Year, also known as Hijri New Year is often determined by local sightings of the moon, according to Wikipedia…most Islamic institutions and countries, including Saudi Arabia follow astronomical calculations to determine future dates of the Islamic calendar.

What these mean is, the New Year is yours to determine! A new you is yours to create! A big dream is yours to bring to life at any T.I M.E !

Now, go succeed!

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