Billionaire men are still just men – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

Billionaire men are still just men – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha


BILLIONAIRE MEN: At the start of the weekend the internet was buzzing with a scandal. While scandals are common place on social media, it is not every day you get to see one of the richest men in the world make an ass of himself.

Get it?

It is hard to resist, I can’t help but make him the butt of my jokes.

Did you get that too?

I mean, the whole debacle made me want to get to the bottom of the situation.

You got that one too abi? I am on a roll.

Don’t mind me.

I will be calling no names, but we did get to see the other side of the life of a billionaire who has always kept his private life away from our view.

Nothing spoil sha. What we saw was not really surprising. It is what rich men do. Rich men like women and can afford any kind of woman they want.

Women like rich men. It doesn’t matter if they are fat, unpleasant to look at or old. Money is a beauty that never ages.

I looked at my husband after surfing the blog and checking Twitter trends.

“I am not sure I want you to be a billionaire.”

His eyes widened in surprise. “Haba, why would you say such a thing?”

My brother in law and his wife were with us. They thought it was odd for me not to aspire to be in billions.

“Baby, if I am a billionaire, you will be set for life.”

”Yes. That is not the issue. Me and how many others will be set for life?

“Is it that you don’t trust me?”

“I trust you sweetie. It is the money and the women that I don’t trust. Is it possible to have that much money and be in a monogamous relationship when you are not a tech nerd?”

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I mean, save for Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg, I don’t really see any billionaire as capable of being tied down in monogamy.

Besides, money removes all the layers in a person. All the humility forced on someone by brokeness. All the manage-manage that hid away tendencies to be extravagant bubble to the surface. Now we get to see what a person really likes i.e. their taste in all things including woman.

When you had very little, you looked for a simple woman that will not kill you with pressure to bring out money to maintain her looks. You married a woman who was not interested in fashion and make up. You did not marry a flashy yellow woman that every guy has eyes on. And you did not want hypertension that comes with keeping a prized possession happy.

So you married Bolanle. Bolanle would cut her hair to cut down family costs. Bolanle will not hire a nanny, she feels it is lazy to do so. You are happy because the little money you give her is received with so much gratitude.

Now that money has come in. You can afford to go into the market and pick what you want without looking at price tag. Nothing mattered any more. You were not looking for a homemaker. You can afford to have a full domestic staff complete with chef hats and maid outfits.

So you picked a girl that not only tickled your loins but your ego as well. You did not care if she was materialistic. You have the materials to satisfy her.

So dear woman reading this. We know you managed and married your husband because you were afraid of growing old and not finding someone. He was not your dream choice. Just be rest assured that your husband also is managing you. He married the size of his pocket.

So back to the point I was making. I think money makes it harder for a man to be faithful. The smorgasbord of vagina is too hard to resist. Let’s face it, a lot of these rich men are not young. They are limited in stamina and the blue pill does not make up for all of such limitations. So what are they doing with so many women?

Look. When you have everything, what do you need again? Power I guess. The knowledge that all these women consider you a catch and will do anything for you has to be heady. The older you are the headier it is.

While as a young man, you fretted about how to get women, as an old man, you simply crook a finger and there she is.

Women now are playthings to you. Toys you use for your amusement. They are the hobby you have in between your real job of counting your money.

For wives who require faithfulness to feel loved, it is wahala to have a man that is stinking rich. Such wealth takes a chunk of their time to be maintained. They travel a lot. They are also easily bored. This is why you find some of them getting quite eclectic or even eccentric in their tastes.

That is why the Jeffrey Epsteins of this world are kept in business. When you have explored all the sophistication that women of age have to offer, you now look for fresh blood in the illegal pond.

So what is the moral of my long epistle?

Billionaire men are just men.

Men will be men especially when they can afford to.

Does this mean that poor men will not also try and get some?

They will too. Only that they will not be outted with pretty captions like;

“I dated the richest man in Australia and he broke my heart in a thousand pieces but I learnt the biggest lessons of life.”

A poor man will be outted by camera phones his neighbours are holding as his wife catches him sleeping with mama Sikirat. He will be wearing boxers and the woman will be hiding her face with a wrapper around her chest. His wife will look wild as she holds him in a death grip.

Poor men will not be reading NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) on their phones with the glasses while reclined on a loveseat with a full moon exposed for a stolen snapshot.


This year will be much better than the last!

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