Bitterleaf juice benefits

Bitterleaf juice benefits


The benefits of bitter leaf juice are many in number. Bitter leaf is one green plant that is widely available across West Africa and other regions at large.


It is also one of the most affordable and can grow almost anywhere.


Bitter leaf juice is just one product of the vegetable, that allows you to consume the nutrients still in its fresh state.


Diabetic friendly

For its medicinal properties, bitter leaf juice has been used for generations to treat various health conditions. If you hadn’t already figured it out, bitter leaf juice is diabetic friendly. This is because the juice helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

A rise in glucose levels in the blood is what puts you at risk of diabetes, including this juice in your diet gives your body a natural sugar level regulator. Asides this, bitter leaf juice promotes insulin production, which will help to break down more sugar content in the body. Making it diabetic friendly.

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Contains antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that prevent the excessive oxidation from taking place in the body. Oxidized atoms with unpaired electrons are known as free radicals. These free radicals are capable of causing severe damage to the organs in the body. Bitter leaf juice is rich in vitamins C and E.

Vitamin E is a glorious vitamin that carries out antioxidant activity combating these free radicals. Bitter leaf juice also contains anti-bacterial compounds. One of these compounds is known as sesquiterpenoids and it is the compound that gives bitter leaf its bitter taste. What sesquiterpenoids does is to find free radicals in the body and eliminate them. This will put an end to damaging activity.



Aids weight loss

Bitter leaf juice is the perfect example of beauty is pain, but in this case bitter. As it boosts your body’s metabolism, it is only right that it aids weight loss. Bitter leaf juice is an amazing supplement for weight loss because it burns excess calories.

This juice will be rich in fibre therefore, it will be filling and would cause you to eat less than you normally would. Compounds found in the juice are effective for getting rid of excess cholesterol in the body. This bad fat storage can pose as a risk of other chronic health conditions. The one thing that may be hard to get passed is the bitter taste, nothing comes easy.

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