Blessing Okoro urges women to quit being desperate for marriage

Blessing Okoro urges women to quit being desperate for marriage


Controversial blogger, Blessing Okoro has admonished women to quit being desperate for marriage.


In her recent post on social media, Blessing Okoro mentioned that women should no longer await male validation. Further, she stated that women should not lure men financially out of desperation; instead, they should focus on constantly improving themselves.


In a lengthy Instagram video, she spoke about the importance of men providing for women as it has been written in the holy book.


According to her, while women were cursed with going through labour to birth a child; a man’s curse is to provide. She went on to differentiate between a man and a boy. According to her, take away that responsibility of providing from a man and he becomes a jobless boy whose only interest is sleeping with women.


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Women stop providing for men. Stop being so desperate for marriage by giving them money. You have made them constantly lazy and they have become boys. Allow a man take up his responsibility to provide. That is his job. A man sole responsibility to provide.

A man is built to provide. Take away provision from a man, he is a boy. If a man cannot provide, he is a boy. And a boy only bothers about who he will sleep with since he is jobless. Even if he is not financially buoyant; let there be an attempt from him before you assist,” she said.


Watch the video below.


Meanwhile, Blessing Okoro has revealed that she started having sex at 14.


According to her, the man she started having sex with at the age of 14 and eventually dated for four years before they got married was 10 years older than she was.




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