Blessing Okoro: “I have never slept with a man for money”

Blessing Okoro: “I have never slept with a man for money”

Controversial relationship coach, Blessing Okoro in a video shared online disclosed that she has never slept with any man for money.

Blessing Okoro in a video shared via her official Instagram page said that the reason she never threaded the path of money through runs is because it’s not sustainable.

She added that runs is now done by most ladies lacks sustainability as the wealth that comes from it doesn’t last. She added that engaging in runs activities make someone lacks dream, vision and never think of destiny.

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Speaking further, she averred that the only thing that is sustainable is value. She noted that value last longer as improving one’s value makes the person wealthy; which she referred to as investment that can last longer even after death.

She, however, noted that she is not judging those indulging in such practices; and advised young ladies who are contemplating taking the part to have a change of heart because it’s a complete waste of time.

She said; “I’ve never slept with a man for money; and the reason when I’ve never done runs in my life before is because of sustainability. Runs is not sustainable. The reason why I Okoro Blessing didn’t pick runs as a path is because it’s not sustainable. Runs is like yahoo, it’s like magic it doesn’t last. That’s why a lot of women and girls who do runs look back; and can’t even see what they did with their body.”








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