Blessing Okoro: ‘It is a man’s duty to provide for women’

Blessing Okoro: ‘It is a man’s duty to provide for women’


Nigerian blogger, Blessing Okoro has instigated new controversy on her social media.


Taking to Instagram on Saturday, December 7, the 34-year-old blogger mentioned that it is a man’s duty to provide for the woman and her family; while the woman can either decide to support or not.


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Her statement has since caused a debate on the photosharing app, Instagram.


Here is what she said:

“Women stop making these men lazy.
Many men have become so lazy and relaxed because we women are doing the jobs, remember it is the help we are helping not their right.
We are only helping to make our men last longer for us, so we assist with some responsibilities not carry it on our head.
It is better I am a single mum training my children than being married and training a full-grown man in the name of marriage.

May God forbid.
Man is not by manhood oooo, it is why the responsibility you carry.
Lazy men go and work
Go and work.
Ndi fuck boys go and work.”


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Blessing Okoro reveals she started having sex at the age of 14

Equally important, Blessing Okoro revealed during an interview with Daddy Freeze that she started having sex at a tender age.

According to Okoro Blessing, the man she started having sex with at the age of 14 and eventually dated for four years before they got married was `10 years older than her.

Daddy Freeze shared the video with the caption:

“I started dating at 14….. I got married and divorced while still at university….. Onye Eze was invited by the police for questioning, the man who handcuffed me was on his knees begging.”

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