Blessing Okoro urges women to extort men

Blessing Okoro urges women to extort men

Controversial Nigerian blogger, Blessing Okoro has admonished women to use men as their stepping stone towards a fulfilling life.


In a video that surfaced online on Thursday, the blogger addressed women; she mentioned that women should be more intentional about their relationship with men. Blessing Okoro advised women to use men as ladders to their success.


She also queried what ladies have to offer aside from sex.


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Here is what she said;

Sex is something everybody can give, what can you give apart from sex?

“Most of you don’t think or reason, find out that thing you can give to people apart from sex.

“As a woman, men are your ladders. A man is that ladder that you’ll use to climb to your destination.

“Some of you will climb with the ladder, some of you will stay with the ladder, some of you will fall with the ladder, some of you will let the ladder fall on top of your head, but a smart woman will climb with a ladder.” 


Watch the video below.


In fact, a couple of months ago, Blessing Okoro blatantly stated that it is the man’s responsibility to provide for a woman.


According to her, while women were cursed with going through labour to birth a child; a man’s curse is to provide. She went on to differentiate between a man and a boy.


According to her, take away that responsibility of providing from a man and he becomes a jobless boy whose only interest is sleeping with women.

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