Bobrisky code: Being a bad girl will not make you rich! – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

Bobrisky code: Being a bad girl will not make you rich! – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha


Have you been attending the Bobrisky masterclass on social media?


I follow Bobrisky. I know that this would scandalize some of my friends. In fact, I know some people who have absolutely zero tolerance for his antics. A good friend of mine thinks that we that give him audience are responsible for enabling him.



This may be true.



What would Bobrisky be without all his followers? Anonymous certainly.



But I follow him for the entertainment. Yes, he is vulgar and sometime crass, but he is absolutely fascinating to watch. I recall the first day I showed his video to my colleagues who are not on social media. They were fascinated to no end.




“You mean say na man be this?”



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Our gardener could not take his eyes off the screen. He had to get screenshots from me and I can’t imagine the conversations he would have had with the people in his area.




Bobrisky is shameless.





Bobrisky code: Being a bad girl will not make you rich! – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha




That is awesome for his ratings.




Nothing is sacred.




He is also very good at trolling or snatching the wigs off people who he has a bone to pick with. I mean, back to back. He does not pull in his punches. If you fight with Bob, you cannot come out of it unscathed.




First of all, he will make you headline all the local blogs and even some mainstream sites.



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Bobrisky takes no prisoners. He is happily materialistic and loves to dance and have fun. I am just trying to explain why I follow Bob. He is worth my time as per entertainment.



This year, he started out with classes. Basically, schooling women on how to cash out in the year 2021. If I could caption the lessons, it would be:



“How to ‘hoe’ profitably in 2021”



Or even



“Bad girls run the world.”







“No man deserves a good girl.”



Or let me go with his first line.






When I watched the first video, I giggled. This was because I wasn’t really taking him seriously. He was berating being a faithful girlfriend and dating men just for love.




Bobrisky code: Being a bad girl will not make you rich! – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha



He said:



“Let the money spender spend on you. You get ‘pum-pum and you are broke.”



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But then I noticed that the classes became quite popular with thousands of comments on each post.



There really isn’t anything new. It is just the regular – don’t give up sex to men who will not pay. If you must have sex, then be rewarded for it.


Bobrisky gives us the impression that he is a kept man who knows how to attract and get money from billionaires.


His Instagram page is curated to attest to this. He claims to have bought expensive cars, shows a flashy (but gaudy) house and wears tonnes of gold. He is at parties doling out cash and even his followers are gifted with cash intermittently.




He does not seem to have a day job. There was a time he was all about selling bleaching creams. That stopped. Then, he was into selling eyelashes, I think. That stopped as well. He now gets paid to advertise things like hair and clothes and at some point to even promote music.


But the main impression we get is that men gift him a lot of money.


Like I said earlier on, I laughed at the classes. It was just Bobrisky clowning for traction as usual.


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But when I began to read the comments and see the amount of interest it was generating, I became concerned.


Are there truly girls out there who admire Bobrisky and are considering taking his ‘advice’ to heart? Will this encourage women to become militant about relationships with men?


Surely this can’t be so?


I am over 40. I can resist advice from Bob. But what about impressionable teens? Young women who are navigating the jungle of relationships? Will they take this seriously?



When you check his comment section and you see famous people egging him on and hailing him, it is hard not to take what he says seriously.


I don’t think that Bob is confused about his gender. I think that he is very calculated and knows what he is doing. In fact, I am not convinced by the wealth he flaunts. Therefore, I sincerely pity the girl in her formative stage in life who decides to see merit in what he says.


The one that will think that a legitimate get rich plan is to follow rich men and cash out.


This is one of the biggest mirages ever: that a rich man is waiting to make you rich.


Sure once in a while, you can find a man that will throw some cash your way. But that is hardly sustainable income.





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Runs girls that are rich learn the basics about money and investments. They are not out there buying expensive things for nothing. They are looking for how these men will invest huge sums in their ongoing concerns. They usually begin legitimate businesses and leverage on their relationship with these men to build mini-empires.



Getting rich cannot happen because anyone is dashing you money. Success isn’t a fluke or serendipitous occurrence. Unless it is a lottery, you don’t just cash out big like that. Bottom power may open doors and get you into very interesting corridors. However, sustainable wealth will still depend on your acumen.




No be to follow man buy bone straight and follow the next to pay rent and then to follow the next to travel to Dubai.




That is simply prostitution 201.



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If you are empty-headed and decide to pattern your life after Idris Okuneye, you will end this year in penury.



If money was that easy, would Bobrisky need to solicit for endorsements or adverts? His source of income is his engagement to an active 3.6 million followers. Do not peddle your vagina to make money. Bobrisky doesn’t even have one so, how can he tell you how to make money with yours?




Dear young girls, trapping a rich man is never a career path. The odds of getting a big pay out day are too slim.




Be wise.




Laugh with Bob but biko don’t take him seriously. One more thing: nobody should show this article to Bob. He will insult me down to my papa’s ancestors and I no fit fight am.





Bobrisky code: Being a bad girl will not make you rich! – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha



Wear a mask, sanitize, and practice social distancing.




If you don’t have to go somewhere, please do not go.




The second wave is wearing gele.







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