Bobrisky debunks reports of his arrest

Bobrisky debunks reports of his arrest


Nigerian transvestite, Bobrisky has debunked reports that he was arrested and his properties seized by men in uniform.


Earlier, it was reported that the popular cross-dresser Bobrisky was arrested by the Nigerian Police. According to reports, the authorities stormed the 28-year-old socialite’s home on Thursday, January 23.


Reacting to the news that went viral during the early hours of Friday, January 24; Bobrisky claimed the seizure of his car which was seen earlier was simply a stunt by bloggers.


Bobrisky who shared a new photo on his Instagram page denounced report of the arrest; which unconfirmed sources claimed was linked to his cross-dressing activities.


He wrote;


“Bloggers repeat after me… Always get your gist right… no soldiers arrested me or collected my cars”



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Anonymous sources alleged that the arrest of Bobrisky who has been absent from social media since yesterday was linked to his cross-dressing activities.


Watch the video below.


Though Bobrisky has reportedly been released by the policemen who allegedly refused to return the cars seized from his residence; Nigerians are now questioning the law enforcement agency’s obsession with the maverick cross-dresser.



The controversial cross-dresser who gained notoriety due to his effeminate lifestyle has been dubbed one of the most popular celebrities in recent years.


In August 2019, 1st News reported that over a hundred policemen invaded his birthday party. His 28th birthday was disrupted and he was tagged a ‘national embarrassment’ by Olusegun Runsewe, Director-General, National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC).


During an interview session, Runsewe advised Nigerian youths to stop imitating the cross-dresser. As a matter of fact, Runsewe claimed Bobrisky can destroy their future.


He said, “Bobrisky is a national disaster, an embarrassment to the country, engaging in cultural corruption as a cross-dresser.


“We have to start to curtail his activities before it gets out of hand.


”Also, we will not allow this transvestite to destroy the future of our youths and the unborn Nigerians.



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