‘Bobrisky has 3 years left to live’- Islamic cleric (Video)

‘Bobrisky has 3 years left to live’- Islamic cleric (Video)

An Islamic cleric identified as Alfa Ademola has admonished renowned Nigerian transvestite, Bobrisky to change his ways or lose his life in three years time.


In a viral video, Alfa Ademola made a shocking revelation where he claims that God directed him to the controversial socialite, Bobrisky real name Idris Okuneye. Ademola in the video urged Bobrisky to change his ways and redirect his life choices or face the wrath of God.


The Islamic cleric condemned Bobrisky’s body enhancement; and immoral act on social media.


Ademola said Bobrisky, who recently revealed he had cut off his manhood is spending money gotten from the devil.


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Insisting that Bobrisky’s money is from the devil, the cleric, who spoke in Yoruba language; warned Bobrisky to change his ways because his end is near.


He also extended the warning to friends of the popular bleaching cream dealer; asking them to stay away from him or they would soon have problems in their lives.


Watch the video below.

A couple of months ago, Bob hinted in the Instagram Live session with Mr Momodu that he has a girlfriend; and might even get married someday.

During the interview which was held on Thursday, July 30, the self-acclaimed male barbie said he is presently a ‘woman;‘ and there are other times when he has to be a ‘man’.


Bobrisky noted that he wants to be addressed as a ‘crossdresser’; and not a transgender.

The crossdresser also said he once thought about being bisexual; but he hasn’t given it a second thought so even till now; he still dates women.


When asked what gender appears on his international passport, he said ‘male’.


The influencer also said that if he impregnates a woman; he’ll hide the baby.


However, he dodged a question about his plastic surgery procedures; but he also stated that he doesn’t see himself as a bad role model to the youth.


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