Bobrisky: ‘Many homes will be broken should government approve same sex marriage’

Bobrisky: ‘Many homes will be broken should government approve same sex marriage’


Controversial Nigerian transvestite, Bobrisky has instigated controversy on social media with his most recent post on Instagram.


The 28-year-old transvestite mentioned in his latest post that several marriages, affairs and heterosexual relationships will be broken should the Nigerian government approve same-sex marriage. According to Bobrisky, numerous men in Nigerian are homosexuals who hide behind closets.


According to him, most guys are bisexual. He also hinted that he knows some married men who swing both ways but would not expose anyone.


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Here is what he wrote.

Nigerians are hypocrites.

We know them but because we are so mature we won’t cast anybody.

Just do your thing and don’t castigate anyone.

Live your life and stay outta trouble. PERIOD !!!!”



Bobrisky talks about his pregnancy


According to Bobrisky, he had the dream on a Thursday night. In his dream, he revealed that he was pregnant and was rushed to the hospital where he gave birth to a baby girl.

Read his post below.

Good morning… my house help woke me up about 20min ago. I dreamt I was pregnant and everybody on ig was shouting jezzzz how did Bobrisky get pregnant.

To cut the story short I saw myself at the hospital with my baby girl beside me. Only for me to see my Bestie beside me @tontolet shouting congratulations.

I was wondering how I delivered the baby. I asked the doctor if I push or how did I deliver the baby. The doctor was just smiling ?

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