Bobrisky reveals why he is scared to employ a P.A

Bobrisky reveals why he is scared to employ a P.A

Bobrisky in an Instagram post has explained why he is afraid to employ a personal assistant.


The transvestite stated that he does not want to be exposed.


Idris Okuneye, better known as Bobrisky is renowned as one of the most controversial figures in Nigerian society.


He has made headlines for numerous reasons; especially because of his maverick personality and his non-conformist ideologies as a transvestite in a conservative nation like Nigeria.


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Bobrisky who wasn’t explicit in what he is getting exposed for in the Instagram post he shared, stated that he doesn’t want a snitch.


He also revealed that he has been the one handling his DM since he became famous because he wants to keep conversation with people private.


He wrote;

“Have been looking for a pa since last year, but I don’t want no snitch in my life.

Over 3yrs of my fame !!!

You all haven’t heard anything about me cos I’m so discrete, and private when it comes to relating with people.

I only post wat I want people to know.

Have been d one handling my dm myself for 3yrs now cos I want to keep my conversation with people in my dm private.

It’s just crazy how you can’t trust anyone again”


Read his post below.

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