Bode George accuses Tinubu of annexing Lagos resources for personal use

Bode George accuses Tinubu of annexing Lagos resources for personal use

A Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Bode George, has, once again, reiterated his opposition to a former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu, becoming President in 2023.

Bode George made this call on Tuesday, March 22, on Channels TV’s Politics Today.

“He has completely annexed the resources of my state,” he said.

According to Bode George, Tinubu has been in power for so long, has taken control of the resources of Lagos State and it would only be right to allow power to change hands.

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“I have absolutely no personal grudge against Tinubu. What I have against him is the plundering of the finances of the state.

“Which country will have the Internal Revenue Service and will now set up a company solely owned by him and his cronies; collecting the taxes of the people on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service, how? This doesn’t make any sense.

“This fellow has plundered and mismanaged the finances of this state to a stupor that calls for attention.

“Who is perpetually the Senate representing Lagos, three times already? So he will be President of Nigeria, his wife will be Senate President of Nigeria, his son will be Governor of Lagos and his daughter will be the Iya-Oloja General of Lagos?,” Bode George asked.

This comes days after he had also said if Tinubu becomes President in 2023, he will leave Nigeria.

“I am happy the President has signed the new Electoral Bill,” he said. “If by whatever chance he (Tinubu) gets to the villa, I won’t be part of this country. And I am not joking. I can go to Ghana and be watching with binoculars from afar. You will see what will happen,” he said at a press briefing last weekend.

Meanwhile, the APC Chieftain, Tinubu who has been doing consultations ahead of his 2023 ambition, says he is ready to fill the shoes of President Buhari.

“I mentioned to Mr President of my ambition,” he said. “I told him (that) my ambition is not blind to the extent that I will step on his toes. I just want to step into his shoes and not on his toes,” he said during a meeting with the APC House of Representatives Caucus at the National Assembly in Abuja.

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