Boko Haram: Soldier at war-front against terrorists commits suicide after allegations of phone theft, punishment by superior

Boko Haram: Soldier at war-front against terrorists commits suicide after allegations of phone theft, punishment by superior

Amidst the ongoing war against the Boko Haram insurgency, a soldier in Northeast Nigeria has reportedly committed suicide on Thursday, September 17, 1st News reports.

According to sources, the suicide act can in the wake of a punishment meted to the deceased by his superior over the alleged phone theft.

The soldier, identified as Lance Corporal Victor Ojeamiran, was attached to the Nigerian Army 27 Task Force Brigade in Buni Gari, Gujba Local Government Area of Yobe State.

1st News garnered that the 27 Task Force is one of those fighting the Boko Haram extremists in Northeast Nigeria.

According to a chronology of the unfortunate incident, Ojeamiran shot himself after he personally submitted a note to his platoon sergeant for delivery to his superior officer in the Task Force.

This was confirmed by anonymous sources within the ranks of the soldiers who asked not to named for fear of victimisation by the army.

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The note was a protest note where the soldier tried to defend himself and prove his innocence.

Buni Gari is said to be about 7 km from the headquarters of the 27 Task Force Brigade in Buni Yadi, the town that also accommodates the Nigerian Army Special Forces School in Gujba local government in the heart of the Boko Haram war-front.

The anonymous sources revealed that the deceased travelled to Damaturu, the Yobe State capital and bought a used phone.

Unbeknownst to him, the phone was a stolen phone; and belonged to a senior army officer in Damaturu.

The officer tracked the phone and found it with the soldier; while he was about to return to his formation in Buni Gari, after he bought the phone.

The officer allegedly punished the soldier in public; while residents of the area shot videos of the punishment; and later posted it on some social media platforms.

Ojeamiran could not bear the disgrace of the video of him being publicly punished for a ‘false accusation’; and he did not have a chance to defend himself before the punishment, our sources said.

He told his colleagues, including one of our sources; that he does not know what to tell his wife and children about the video; and how he was disgraced in the eyes of the world for a crime he did not commit.

Hence, he decided to take his life after he returned to base by shooting himself on the head.

However, an internal memo by the army; confirming the suicide but claiming it occurred on Sunday, September 20. In the memo, the army said an “investigation has commenced on the circumstances that led to the incident.”

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