Bolanle Olukanni refuses to adhere to the ideology that ‘men are scum’

Bolanle Olukanni refuses to adhere to the ideology that ‘men are scum’

Media personality, Bolanle Olukanni has taken to social media to explain why she would distance herself from the mantra that ‘men are scum’.


Taking to social media on Friday, May 1, the media personality revealed she would prefer not to adhere to misandrist terminologies that depict men as ‘scum’. Bolanle mentioned that it pivotal for women to quit expecting much from men if they only maintain the notion that men are cruel beings.


She went ahead and gave reason for her stance.


Here is what she shared first on the microblogging site, Twitter;

 “At some point, you really have to choose to stop hating men.

And if you are going to continue to hate them then free yourself from expecting anything from them so the disappointment is doesn’t sting as much.”



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Moments after Bolanle Olukanni shared her perspective on social media, numerous commenters attacked her and disagreed with her perspective about life issues and men. They reminded her of the ongoing rape allegations that have been trending on Twitter in the last couple of days.


Some commenters mentioned that calling ‘men are scum’ is not about hating and undermining their prowess, it is simply an admonishment to do better and act more responsibly.


Read the reactions below.



Bolanle Olukanni then explained in a follow-up tweet why she will not join in calling men out.



She wrote:


“I don’t use my mouth to spoil my future.

Further, I don’t think all men cheat. I don’t think men are scum.

I don’t believe that I will prepare for a cheating partner.

In fact, I do not say these things or entertain these thoughts. So that energy please pass me with it. “


She added: “How the hell are you getting married and preparing for a cheating scenario. The madness. Please, please. If you are then just don’t marry. Enjoy your life as a single person. Be merry.”



After several commenters disagreed with her point of view on Twitter, the anchor refused to share in the suggestions given to her.

Read what she stated in conclusion.

“Human beings are flawed.


Men and women.

Men showcased their flawed nature by oppression and manipulation and all the horrible things they have done in the past and continue to do. But they aren’t scum. They are human and flawed.”


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