Boris Johnson finally spotted wearing face mask in House of Commons

Boris Johnson finally spotted wearing face mask in House of Commons


While the UK experts urge locals to wear face masks to help curb the spread of deadly coronavirus in the country; the Prime Minister has often been spotted without a mask in the House of Commons.


Now, finally Boris Johnson has been spotted wearing a face mask in the House of Commons chamber after several months.


His mask has sent out signals of caution in the country.


While Rishi Sunak announced the new budget report; Prime Minister Boris Johnson was spotted wearing a black mask.

The PM was seen wearing a mask a couple of days after new set of rules were announced for parliamentary staff.


MPs have been urged to use their judgement and wear a face mask in the premises; as much as possible.


While majority of the Conservatives were seen wearing a mask there were three frontbenchers who sat maskless in the House of Commons — Scotland secretary, Alister Jack; the work and pensions secretary, Therese Coffey; and the leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg.


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A lot of Tories in the room were seen maskless; which hinted towards a possible opposition movement against the mask mandates being prompted by health experts and Johnson’s government.


Johnson wearing a mask has also sent out a silent message to the masses of the country about the severity of the virus.


UK has been fighting a probable incoming surge of Covid cases.


Health experts have been urging locals to wear mask when stepping out and maintain social distance.


Offices have also been advised to continue work-from-home policy unless necessary.


Locals have been urged to get vaccinated as soon as possible to make sure that people and the children; who are not yet eligible for Covid vaccines, can be saved from the possibility of getting infected from the deadly coronavirus.

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