Bovi reveals why he was banned in US

Bovi reveals why he was banned in US

Popular comedian, Bovi Ugboma has revealed why he was banned from entering the United States.


The actor on Tuesday disclosed this while answering questions from his followers during a question and answer segment on his Instagram story.


Bovi in his statement claimed that he was banned from entering the United States after he clashed with a visa-issuing officer and got labelled.


The comedian noted that he was banned after a fan also urged him to come to Massachusetts to perform.


The father of three in his response said, “I’m banned in the USA.”


Bovi was asked by another fan if has a plan to leave Nigeria; and he said, “I am a citizen of the world. Except for Yankee where I’m banned.”


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While explaining further why he was banned from the US, he said, “I’ll luck. Met a charity-like visa-issuing officer. Egos clashed. I was labelled.


“I go dey carry shoulder.”

Bovi in February noted that he was almost accused of stealing at a London hotel.


The comedian in his question and answer also answered the perceived belief that he is not on good terms with his colleague, Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY.


When asked why he and AY don’t perform at each other’s show, he said, “Have you ever seen Chris Rock at a Henry Hart show?.”






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