Bovi slams Nollywood director Niyi Akinmolayan over new film “My Village People”

Bovi slams Nollywood director Niyi Akinmolayan over new film “My Village People”

Ace Nigerian comedian Bovi Ugboma has brought a matter with Nollywood director Niyi Akinmolayan to a boil. Bovi called the director out over his attitude towards his latest project “My Village People”.


My Village People” was released in Cinemas on 11th June featuring accomplished acts like Nkem Nwoh; Charles Inojie; Rachel Oniga; Ada Ameh amongst others.


The drama had ensued after the director took to his Instagram page to promote the project alongside “Prophetess” accompanied by flyers of both projects.


“We’ve had an amazing year at @anthillstudios_


”The two leading films so far this year, “Prophetess” and “My Village People” had their production and post production crew from Anthill!!! And also directed by yours truly!!We’ve also shown great skill in delivering high quality content in animation and delicious VFX in films!!! We are even set for bigger things and we are ready for you!!!”




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Bovi was immensely displeased by Niyi’s post.


Subsequently, he went on his Instastory to describe Akimolayan who directed” My Village People” as a “clout chaser”.


The comedian dragged Niyi for not for sharing the posting of the film weeks after its release. The entertainer also alleged that the director had originally refused to identify with the project when it was released.



“See this clout chasing, egoistic, inferiority complex driven director posting film that he’s deliberately refused to identify with since its release.


”Not like it mattered to me but once I heard all the sh*t coming from him and his body language. I was like how did I not walk away from this mess despite the warning signs.


”Day three of a two week shoot, when he first tried to shut my set down because he didn’t want me to even correct his reductive approach to the script. I promised him that with or without him, the film will be a success”.


Thereafter, Bovi Ugboma alleged that he had to literally pet Niyi Akinmolayan through the shoot not knowing the director still nursed a grudge against him.


“I added that even I, the writer, cannot stop it because it’s in God’s hands. From then on approach to making this picture became lame and deliberately mediocre. Idris and Moses kept begging me to just ignore his alarming character flaws and finish the project.


”And that’s how I kept petting oga like a 4-year-old till we finished, not knowing he still carried a grudge fanned by an ego sitting on a ripe boil.


”Dude is just hype. Theoretically informed but practically inept. Now the film has done favourably well, he has come out of his coven to advertise himself. Shameless.”

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