Brazilian model undergoes bizarre facial reconstruction

Brazilian model undergoes bizarre facial reconstruction


A Brazilian model identified as Roddy Alves has unveiled her recently completed facial surgery.


The Brazilian model revealed that the purpose is of her surgery is to depict the suffering that women undergo in society. According to her, the majority of women suffer domestic violence at home and cannot speak up for themselves. She has decided to embody the pain and turbulence of assaulted women.


Posting to her Instagram stories on Monday, the 36-year-old showed off her very bruised and bandaged face. Roddy also recorded herself in a hairdresser’s chair sipping champagne while having her locks styled.


It is important to note that Roddy is a Brazilian transgender model.


Roddy, who spent over £500,000 to change her appearance before coming out as transgender.



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During her recent interview, she mentioned that she no longer wanted to be identified with the male demography. Hence, she wants to live through the skin of a lady.

Read what she said.

She added that: ‘I can’t speak very well because they removed my Adam’s Apple so I have a sore throat. My eyes are very purple and swollen, I can’t see anything. I can’t see my new face.


‘If I want to see anything I have to hold my phone up in order to read. My pain threshold from one to 10 is four, I look dreadful but my pain is very low. I just have discomfort.’


‘Hopefully, I won’t get mistaken for being a man anymore. My face will change a lot, will be smaller. This surgery has given me the diamond face that I always wanted.

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