Britain to be hit by 37°C temperatures as heatwave hits country

Britain to be hit by 37°C temperatures as heatwave hits country

A heatwave will hit the UK this week with predictions temperatures could soar as high as 37°C by Thursday. That means swathes of Britain will be hotter than most Mediterranean countries. The Met Office predicts balmy conditions for most of England and parts of Scotland where temperatures will hit the high 20°Cs. And we could be looking at a record-breaking week – with the mercury needing to hit 25°C for the majority of the UK for three consecutive days to be classed as a heatwave.

According to latest Met Office predictions, the temperature will stay above 30°C for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the south of England. The school summer holidays kick off this week, and despite promises of heat to come, for some it was a rainy start. The UK heatwave begins (Mon July 22)

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A yellow weather warning of rain was in place over the end of the weekend for western Scotland, Northern Ireland and parts of northern England, which was expected to lead to some localised flooding and travel disruption, according to the Met Office. And despite the high temperatures, the sweltering spell could bring some disruption from heavy thundery downpours, a Met Office forecaster said.

The mercury is expected to hit 34°C in London on Wednesday as Downing Street prepares for the arrival of a new prime minister. On Thursday, this could hit as high as 35°C with some weather apps even predicting temperatures of 37°C for the capital. The forecaster said: ‘As we head through the week, the rain will generally begin to ease across northern areas, so the potential is for much of the UK to see some hot conditions.

‘There will be some sunshine around during the week, but also the risk of some heavy thundery downpours as well.’ Temperatures will increase as the week progresses, forecasters have said. Temperatures are expected to get hotter as the week goes on. It’s a good start for the school summer holidays. The maximum temperature recorded in July in the UK is 36.7°C, recorded on July 1, 2015, at Heathrow Airport. But enjoy the heat while you can, as temperatures are expected to fall heading into next weekend.

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A Met Office spokesman said: ‘There’s some uncertainty though on just how long the heatwave conditions will last for. ‘It looks most likely that, at least by Saturday, most areas will see a bit of a drop in temperatures. ‘There’s still a lot of sunshine around for the weekend and temperatures probably look to be not quite as hot, but with a summery feel staying for the weekend.’


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