Brymo finally reacts to rape accusation

Brymo finally reacts to rape accusation

Nigerian singer, Brymo has finally reacted to the rape allegations incited against him a couple of months ago by a Twitter user.


A Twitter user, @Biliquis_X, shared a story of an alleged victim recounting how the popular singer allegedly raped her. According to the victim in the shared story, she had visited Brymo with a friend, only for the singer to sexually assault the pair.


Brymo has now addressed the allegations.


The singer asked his followers why the term ‘rape’ is used frivolously across social media recently. He mentioned that the title ‘rapist’ as well as ‘rape’ is becoming too prevalent like it is being affiliated with someone who has done something of note.



Here is what he stated on the microblogging site, Twitter.

“Is Rapist a new word for anyone doing something of note these days ??”



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Brymo’s opening tweet did not resonate properly with several social media users, his statement caused controversy on the microblogging site. Some fans of the ‘Ara’ crooner have admonished Brymo’s sceptics and naysayers to do further research to understand his tweet.


In the meantime, Brymo went ahead to address the allegations from the alleged victim. He mentioned that the accuser should come out with proof that she was assaulted by him.


Continue reading what Brymo wrote on Twitter.

“Tell my accuser to come out and put a name and face to their claim, in the presence of the law or shut your stinking guts.”



Further, Brymo mentioned that he will not remain silent until he is vindicated. He denied the allegation and also tagged the allegation as libellous.


“He tweeted, Ask about me, I don’t shush when the word is out and I’m the target… no I won’t keep quiet, you marked the wrong guy…. and for the last time I’m no rapist, and it is libellous to call me one”

Not better to remain silent and be thought a criminal…

rape is a crime, you are not called a fool after, you are called a criminal… ok?”



Brymo later revealed that the Lagos State government is currently investigating the situation.


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