Brymo slams those criticizing him for calling out 2Face Idibia

Brymo slams those criticizing him for calling out 2Face Idibia

Popular Nigerian singer, Olawale Olofooro better known as Brymo has taken to social media; specifically to blast those slamming him for calling out 2Face Idibia.

Brymo, in his post, says this is a war between the two; adding that it’s his easy win because he waited for two years to voice it out.

Brymo had earlier made a lot of allegations against 2Face Idibia. Also, he seems not ready to retract any of them based on his reply to those attacking him; asking them why they put their big mouth in his case asking whether they are mad.

According to the singer, first, it was assault and rape allegations and now he’s been rebuked for speaking out his mind on what was bothering him; even as he called all those attacking him wicked; saying he won’t let them make him pretend to be cool and calm.

He added that his main reason for bursting out this time around after two years is to make sure that 2Face Idibia never accuses anyone like that again; as this will be the last time saying he is the type that uses the self-esteem of family and friends as desert. Brymo then asked those who think they know exactly what happened between him and 2Face Idibia to tell the story; since they are taking sides with him making him look like the bad one in the matter; even as he held that this was not the case.

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See screenshots of his post below:

Brymo post 1


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