Buhari reveals why his military colleagues were jealous when he was sent to India and US

Buhari reveals why his military colleagues were jealous when he was sent to India and US

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has revealed how his colleagues in the military were jealous of him when he was sent to India and the United States for military training during the 30 months of civil war.


Narrating his experience in a documentary titled ‘Essential Muhammadu Buhari’, which aired on Channels Television on Sunday, the Nigerian President who is a former military Head of State, said he walked from Benue State virtually to the sea fighting with small-range arms during the war.




He said, “If I told you I walked across Nigeria from Benue State virtually up to the sea when we WEre fighting the civil war; the 30 months of the civil war. I was always at the front using the small arms range for 30 months. I was never relieved but when I was sent to India and to the United States subsequently to do my training, people were saying why is it always Buhari. But, when I was being sent to the frontline, nobody asked why didn’t they bring me to the headquarters where they were to drink and dance. This is Nigeria.”


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Commenting on the 1983 coup d’état, Buhari said, “It wasn’t easy in the sense that; I noticed a lot of something was; going wrong personally. People were looking for office just to be materially endowed or to be empowered. I thought it was wrong I think leadership is the second fight.”


Speaking on his marriage and death of his first daughter and first son, Buhari revealed that when his first wife died, he refused to marry any woman without AA blood genotype as he Is AS.


Sickle cell


He said, “There is; what is called sickle cell anemia – there are people who are AS, there are people who are SS, so I think when the developed people found out about this disease; they tried to stop the marriage between AS or SS or AS and AS; so that they don’t have a child with sickle cell anemia.


First wife


“My first late wife, unfortunately, I think she was; AS and I am AS, so my two children – my first daughter and my first son; happened to be SS and they all died of it. lt was hard for me but; when I got married to my second wife, I asked the person who introduced her to me whether she is; AA, that she must be AA so that my child could be; AS or AA. I told the person that AS is; not acceptable to me.”

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