This Buhari’s govt is just like Ashawo : Biodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

This Buhari’s govt is just like Ashawo : Biodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

Christy is a prostitute. There is no denying that she is one. She sells sex and it is not about the highest bidder, it is simply about who has money to spend. She will accommodate any customer.
She stands by the road.
There are street lights there.
It is hard to deny who she is because we all see her.

Tina hates Christy.
She spends almost every moment talking about how slutty Christy is. She tells everyone who cares or cares not.
Christy has bleached her skin.
Christy will sleep with a dog if it knew how to hold a naira.
Christy wears skimpy clothes.
Christy is a shameless prostitute.
The more Tina talks about Christy the dirtier Christy seems to everyone.
Tina by inference is a saint.
She is a lumber jack that sees clearly enough to remove logs from the eyes of everyone… especially Christy.
Christy for the most part does not argue it.
She says feebly that she is not a bad person.
But it is hard to look pure when you are a prostitute and Tina will not let you be.

One day, Joe who had borne witness to Tina’s plenty tirades on purity and sermons against Christy’s open door policy saw something unbelievable.
It was almost midnight and he saw a figure lurking in the shadows. His headlights hit the person and there was a scantily clad Tina.
What she was wearing was minuscule in comparison with anything he had ever seen Christy wear. She looked every bit of a the lady of the night and some more.
The car before Joe stopped. She tottered on her heels to speak with the driver of the car. The driver seemed to change his mind and speed off. Joe stopped and Tina came confidently towards him. She leaned as his windows came down. Most of her breasts were in full view.
Her eyes widened in shock.
She had been caught in the act.
She was a prostitute as well.
“Tina, why are you doing this…” he asked gently in disbelief.
“But but… Christy… she is doing it too…’
“Yes we know that, but we never imagined that you would do this as well.”
She stammered.
She could not deny it. It was like finding the thief that stole the meat with palm oil still around his mouth.
Since Tina could not deny this, she said one of the dumbest thing you could ever say in that situation.
“But Christy has slept with many more men than I have.”

When did it matter how many customers a prostitute has had?
A prostitute is a prostitute.
And can we pause briefly to examine the gall of Aunty Tina… disturbing everyone with what Christy was up to when she was no different.
In fact I say she is worse.
The nerve of condemning a sinner when your sins are exactly the same.
How is the suggestion that more people were killed by Fulani herdsmen during GEJ’s regime more comforting to the people of Benue?
73 of our sons died. Buhari do something.
Ehn, but more died during GEJ’s tenure.
So people of Benue can go back and sleep easy.
When the tears begin to roll, they need to remember that the killing did not start today.
How would Buhari feel if people came to visit him in regards to the accident Yusuf had and rather than encourage him they begin to talk about people that have had worse accidents? I am sorry to make this analogy and I pray as a mother for the full recovery of this young man. I only make reference because equally precious human beings have lost their lives and the FG has been callous and careless in their treatment of the matter.
I can’t believe that the government itself will politicise such a tragedy.

Tina is just a yeye prostitute exactly like Christy. She is even worse because of her hypocrisy. She is even lying about the numbers because of her unending need to appear holier than Tina. So she has several sins on her head.
The saddest thing is that Tina is not going anywhere for a long time… and neither is this government

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